LINTEC’s Mactac Completes Acquisition of Label Supply, Expanding Reach in Canadian Roll Label Market

LINTEC’s Mactac Completes Acquisition of Label Supply, Expanding Reach in Canadian Roll Label Market缩略图

Mactac®, a LINTEC Company, has successfully completed its acquisition of Label Supply, based in Ontario, Canada. Label Supply has been a prominent player in the Canadian roll label market for over three decades. The acquisition involves the purchase of various assets, including a fully equipped facility with eleven finishing assets, an extensive transportation and shipping fleet, a robust laboratory, a technical resource group, and an in-house ink partner. With the backing of Mactac, Label Supply gains access to a larger customer base, increased capital resources, enhanced information technology, and a broader and more consistent product supply.

This acquisition expands the market presence of both companies in Canada, offering a unique service and product portfolio that caters to the specific needs of customers throughout Eastern Canada, providing specialty products, exceptional service, and the capacity to fulfill larger quantities.

Mactac President and CEO Ed LaForge commended Label Supply, stating, “Label Supply runs a highly successful business that is fast, agile, and customer service-centric, particularly in meeting the needs of small to medium converters in Ontario, Canada, especially the greater Toronto region. This acquisition, similar to our other recent acquisitions over the past two years, will build upon Label Supply’s proven success. We will enhance their operations by extending our services throughout Eastern Canada and providing additional equipment and technology solutions that cater to the larger customers in the region.”

Mactac plans to invest in Label Supply’s resources, technology, and equipment to further enhance its operational and commercial capabilities. This includes the addition of high-volume slitting assets designed for processing larger material rolls. Mactac will also expand its product offerings, introducing LINTEC high-performance products and more while ensuring a stable supply.

Kevin Clunie, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Mactac, expressed his excitement about this development, stating, “Adding additional commercial resources, product portfolios, and assets to Label Supply’s talented team presents an exciting opportunity for the Canadian market.”

Jake Rempel, founder of Label Supply, shared his thoughts on the acquisition, saying, “The way Mactac does business aligns with our business values. We chose Mactac because they have a large international footprint, yet they value and appreciate customers and employees. We look forward to being part of the Mactac team and are excited to see Label Supply grow with the support and backing of Mactac.”

Mactac’s commitment to expanding its presence in the North American label market is evident through its recent asset expansions and strategic business acquisitions, including Duramark Products (formerly Ritrama USA), Spinnaker Coating, LLC, CSI – Southern California, and now Label Supply. Mactac is determined to provide enhanced products, services, technology, supply chain stability, reliability, and exceptional value to its customers in the roll label market.

As one of the largest and most diversified global pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) suppliers, with sixteen slitting and distribution sites across North America, Mactac is well-positioned to deliver industry-leading service in the North American market. Mactac, along with its parent company, LINTEC, a global leader in adhesive materials, will continue to heavily invest in research and development, operational improvements, and market growth.