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This cutting-edge wayfinding signage, standing tall at 6000mm in height and spanning 3500mm in width. Crafted from 1.5mm stainless steel seamlessly welding , this signage boasts a robust and stable structure, with an internal stainless steel frame ensuring durability. The illuminated characters, created using Channel Letters, feature easily removable or replaceable LED Modules, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Built for longevity, the waterproof LED Modules and the illuminated lettering’s bottom box are seamlessly welded, guaranteeing water resistance and durability. This signage is a testament to precision engineering, ensuring a seamless and moisture-resistant construction. Mounted on concrete base and securely fastened with bolts and nuts, it can withstand up to a Category 12 typhoon, ensuring safety.

Our wayfinding signage not only serves as a reliable navigational aid but also stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. With its impressive dimensions, stainless steel composition, and weather-resistant features, this signage is a beacon of durability, ensuring your brand remains prominently visible in any environment.

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  • Material: Stainless Steel , Acrylic
  • Craft: Seamless Welding
  • Size: 6000mm H×3500mm W
  • Light Source: Waterproof LED Modules
  • Power Supply:AC230V DC12 V
  • Finsh: 2pac Painted Pantone Color
  • Install: Bolt Nuts Fixed on the Wall/Free Standing

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