CUPRA Partners with Philips to Revolutionize Car Showroom Experience in Munich with Digital Signage

CUPRA Partners with Philips to Revolutionize Car Showroom Experience in Munich with Digital Signage缩略图

In a groundbreaking partnership, CUPRA, the Spanish automotive giant, has revolutionized the car showroom experience for its customers in Munich with the help of Philips LED and digital signage solutions. With a focus on innovation, CUPRA has swiftly established itself as a key player in the electric car market, boasting a lineup of customizable, performance-driven models tailored for both the road and the track.

Recognizing the need to match their cutting-edge vehicles with state-of-the-art technology, CUPRA joined forces with MEKmedia and PPDS to create a showroom experience unlike any other. In less than three days, a bespoke solution was crafted and implemented, featuring a modular display setup to ensure adaptability to changing showroom configurations and vehicle lineups.

Central to the showroom’s transformation are three Philips L-Line LED displays and a striking 65-inch Philips screen, strategically positioned to highlight the unique features and branding of each model. This dynamic setup not only captivates visitors but also serves practical purposes, such as showcasing the car configurator tool, allowing customers to visualize their dream vehicle in real-time.

Erik Händler, Head of DND at SEAT Deutschland GmbH, praised PPDS for delivering the ideal solution, emphasizing the seamless integration of Philips displays and their flexibility.

The benefits of this innovative showroom design are manifold. Its modular nature enables effortless customization to accommodate different models and events throughout the year, while the inclusion of a retail car configurator enhances customer engagement and confidence, reducing the need for physical demonstrator models.

Furthermore, the rapid deployment of the system within three days underscores the efficiency of the collaboration between PPDS and MEKmedia. With a centralized system in place, staff can easily update content, ensuring that the showroom remains dynamic and informative.

The transformation of the CUPRA flagship showroom in Munich signifies a new chapter in automotive retail, where cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences converge to elevate the customer journey and redefine brand interaction.