ZCC Zünd Cut Center Meets the Increasing Demand

ZCC Zünd Cut Center Meets the Increasing Demand缩略图

The new ZCC Zünd Cut Center meets the increasing demand for flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. ZCC V.4 provides operators with a wide range of smart and intuitive digital cutting functions throughout the production workflow. This makes Zünd Cut Center an excellent choice for beginners who want a quick and easy introduction to digital cutting, while also offering experienced users significant enhancements in file-preparation and production automation.

Therefore, ZCC ensures high-quality cutting results in any situation, regardless of the operator’s level of experience or the level of automation in prepress.

With its client-server architecture, Zünd Cut Center is easily scalable. The software’s modular design allows for configurations that can be customized to specific production requirements.

Users only need to purchase the software components they actually need, without any unnecessary extras. Additionally, they can add more options at any time.

Zünd offers two different editions of ZCC.

ZCC Zünd Cut Center Basic

ZCC Zünd Cut Center Basic is perfect for users in production settings who don’t need features like automatic data import, job queues, or data exchange with other systems.

Using ZCC Zünd Cut Center Basic, the operator can manually convert source files into .zcc files using Cut Editor. These converted files can then be opened as production files in Cut Center.

ZCC Zünd Cut Center Advanced

ZCC Zünd Cut Center Advanced is ideal for users who handle large order volumes and want to enhance their productivity with automated workflows. It is particularly beneficial for those who operate multiple Zünd Cutters simultaneously and require seamless data exchange with other integrated systems in their production process.

The Advanced edition offers additional features, including a job queue, estimated production time information, import via hot folders, and email notifications.

Both editions offer optional functionalities like the Camera Option, Pick & Place Option, Visualizing Option, and Routing Option, which can be purchased separately.

Cut Editor

Cut Editor is the main software component in every ZCC software suite. Its purpose is to import source files and get them ready for cutting.

You can directly run Cut Editor from the workstation connected to the cutter. It can also be installed on other workstations in the prepress department to be used for file preparation.

If necessary, you can enhance the capabilities of Cut Editor by adding the Nesting Option.

Cut Server

Cut Server offers automated data import via hot folders, facilitates data exchange with other systems like ERP and RIP, and provides an estimated production-time calculator.

Zünd Cut Server also acts as a communication hub between Cut Editor and Cut Center. Other systems can connect to the Cut Server using the .zcc file format. This allows accessing system information such as materials, methods, or estimated production times. Many software manufacturers already offer standard integration with ZCC, making it easy to transfer prepared files in .zcc format.

ZCC supports compatibility with nearly any import format, enabling users to work seamlessly with various file formats they receive from customers on a daily basis. This exceptional connectivity offers unparalleled flexibility and interoperability to users, which is a significant advantage.