Yunhai Raytour Hotel Xiangyang Signs Design

Yunhai Raytour Hotel is located in Dongjin New District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. It is the first hotel product in Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort. It is a destination hotel that integrates functions such as hot springs, business meetings, tourism and vacation. The hotel design takes the marine theme as the core and advocates the concept of symbiosis between man and nature.

Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-6-300x155-1 Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-5-300x155-1 Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-4-300x155-1 Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-3-300x155-1 Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-2-300x155-1 Yunhai-Raytour-Hotel-1-300x155-1

Service content: ACPSIGNS’ design trip about the ocean adheres to the hotel’s design concept of “taking the ocean theme as the core, advocating the symbiosis of man and nature”, the design follows the rhythm of the curve, and integrates the concept of infinite circulation in the Logo into the design. In the icon, it symbolizes the vastness of the ocean and the infinite fun of exploring the ocean, showing a very humanized and interesting design space.


Customer evaluation: Every design of the wayfinding incorporates marine elements, the arrow is inspired by coral, the graphics continue the rhythmic beauty of the curve, the design of the base of the house number is simple and rotating, like the sea breeze gently blowing on the face, the fonts run through the curve and the characteristics of agility , and the room is full of the dreamy atmosphere of the ocean theme, bathing in the vast starry sky, sleeping on the blue coast, and slowly experiencing the wonderful feeling of sleeping with the sea.