Wall Art at Great Pretenders in NYC

Wall Art at Great Pretenders in NYC缩略图


New, colorful wall graphics for Great Pretenders’ new space at FAO Schwarz in New York City.

Printing and signage specialist Riverside Print & Signs from Sarnia, Ontario, used Drytac’s ReTac Smooth 150 polymeric PVC film to create vibrant wall graphics for Great Pretenders’ new area in FAO Schwarz, New York City.

Great Pretenders, affiliated with Creative Education of Canada, produces dress-up items, toys, jewelry, and accessories for kids. To enhance their new location and attract customers in the United States, they sought assistance with decorating the facility.


The task was to create child-friendly graphics that captured the essence of enchanting fairy-tale stories showcased by Great Pretenders.

Great Pretenders approached Riverside Print & Graphics, located nearby in Ontario, for assistance. The objective was to design child-friendly graphics that conveyed the magic of the fairy-tale stories.

However, there was an additional challenge of completing the project quickly, as Great Pretenders needed a fast turnaround to ensure the new space would open on time.

Riverside, known for their ability to deliver high-quality print work promptly, willingly took on the task. Given the urgency, they needed a reliable material that not only yielded excellent results but could also be easily and swiftly installed.

Based on previous successful experiences, Riverside chose Drytac’s ReTac Smooth 150 media for this interior wall graphics project. They obtained the printable self-adhesive vinyl from an approved Drytac distributor, ND Graphics. This material allows for installation, removal, and repositioning without leaving any residue on surfaces, making it the perfect choice for wall graphics applications like this.


The graphics featured castle-style wall designs with fire-breathing dragons and other mythical creatures. These graphics were printed in-house using a Mimaki JV100-160 printer. They were applied to flat walls and around arch doorways to create an immersive experience for visitors.

Barb Hayes, a customer service representative at Riverside Print & Signs, mentioned that after meeting with the customer and showing them printed samples, they decided not to laminate the graphics in order to achieve a more realistic look. Hayes also expressed excitement about the project due to its enjoyable design.

The graphics were produced on-site at Riverside Print & Signs in Canada and then taken to New York, where they were installed by the staff of the Great Pretenders and Creative Education of Canada. Hayes confirmed that the results were highly satisfactory and the customer was delighted.


Designers Meg Forstmanis, Lindsay Eve, and Kira Brown from Great Pretenders were instrumental in the creation of this remarkable display, and they deserve special recognition for their exceptional design and execution. Hayes expressed her admiration for their hard work, stating, “They truly brought this project to life!”

Katie Mazur, the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Great Pretenders, commended Riverside for the interior wall graphics, which have received excellent feedback from various sources. She noted the positive response from FAO Schwarz’s staff, management, customers, and internally within the Great Pretenders team.