Learn about Drytac Polar Grip Air for Vehicle Wrapping Education

Learn about Drytac Polar Grip Air for Vehicle Wrapping Education缩略图

Talented students in the Communications Technology Specialist High Skills Major program at Timiskaming District Secondary School in Ontario used Drytac Polar Grip Air white polymeric self-adhesive PVC film to successfully wrap a snowmobile for a challenging project.

This specialist program started in September 2022 and provides students with exposure to various creative fields. In the Communications Technology segment, students learn graphic design, animation, video editing, and other technology skills. At the end of the course, they work on their independent projects.

To test and showcase the skills of the initial group of students, the idea of wrapping a snowmobile was proposed. Given the popularity of outdoor powersports in snowy Northern Ontario, students were enthusiastic about taking on the challenge.

Teachers sought the assistance of a designer from ECD Customs, a specialist company, to provide guidance on the project. The students were tasked with designing, printing, laminating, and installing the wrap on a 2008 Skidoo Summit snowmobile.

Because of the snowmobile’s unique shape, it was necessary to use a flexible material that could endure the elements during vehicle usage. After consulting with ND Graphics, a recognized partner of Drytac, they chose Drytac Polar Grip Air along with Interlam Pro Gloss for the job.

Katie Kacur, the Specialist High Skills Major Lead Teacher at Timiskaming District Secondary School, shared, “We needed a durable printing material and laminate that could withstand our northern winters and the demanding terrain encountered by vehicles like snowmobiles.”

The students utilized an HP Latex 315 printer and an HP Latex 54 Cutter Plus to print and cut all 52 parts of the design. The final project, the largest of its kind attempted at the school, received considerable praise from the course instructors.

Katie Kacur commented, “The colors were vibrant and true to life. The wrap was installed smoothly and successfully, even with minimal prior experience.”