Unlocking Business Success: A Comprehensive Guide to ISA International Sign Expo 2023

Unlocking Business Success: A Comprehensive Guide to ISA International Sign Expo 2023缩略图

ISA International Sign Expo 2023 provides abundant opportunities to address any gaps or challenges your business may be facing. Whether you have specific questions about equipment or need to fill a void within your company, the event offers a diverse range of solutions.

Explore the extensive learning opportunities on the trade show floor, in classrooms, and during day-long workshops. The event kicks off on April 11 with pre-conference workshops, featuring both day-long and half-day intensives that focus on specific areas of interest.

For instance, the Digital Signage Workshop, presented by Sign Builder Illustrated, delves into codes and regulatory issues associated with this lucrative business. Jeff Wooten from SBI, along with ISA’s David Hickey, Deacon Wardlow of Vantage LED, and Brandon Meyer of Smart Signs, will discuss strategies for working with local communities on reasonable sign codes.

Another noteworthy pre-conference workshop is the Make It Happen Signage Workshop led by Sam Armstrong of Make It Happen, Mike Lev of Harbinger Signs, and Wendy Graves of inSIGNia Wholesale. This workshop provides comprehensive insights into the industry through demonstrations, product showcases, and techniques.

Make It Happen extends its impact with two additional bootcamps on Thursday, focusing on selling and illuminated signage. These can be purchased separately or in conjunction with the pre-conference Make It Happen workshops.

Throughout ISA International Sign Expo 2023, educational sessions cover a wide array of topics catering to executives, leaders, and those new to the sign industry. Specific tracks are designed for various job functions, including marketing, design, manufacturing, and sales.

Learning isn’t confined to workshops and classrooms; the trade show floor hosts thirty-minute sessions addressing challenging business issues and showcasing the latest products and services available at the event.

With numerous educational opportunities available at ISA Sign Expo, it’s evident that valuable business-building knowledge is readily accessible.

—Sara Spangler, Director of Marketing, International Sign Association