Transitioning from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship: Angie Avers’ Journey in Establishing a Flourishing Print Business

Transitioning from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship: Angie Avers’ Journey in Establishing a Flourishing Print Business缩略图

Pictured: (L-R) Jennifer Nelson, Production Specialist / Customer Service; Laura Rogers, Graphic Designer/Customer Service; and Angie Avers, Owner, Minuteman Press, Phoenix, Arizona.

Angie Avers has been at the helm of her Minuteman Press franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, since July 2021, marking a significant shift from her nearly thirty years in the corporate world. The decision to venture into entrepreneurship stemmed from a feeling of undervaluation as an employee in the corporate sphere. Struggling to secure a new job for over two years, Angie stumbled upon the Minuteman Press opportunity on LinkedIn, prompting her to take a leap of faith.

Describing her establishment as a “full-service print and marketing design company exclusively run by women,” Angie emphasizes the wealth of resources available to her business. She highlights the unique combination of in-house capabilities and external partnerships that sets her enterprise apart. “Our strength lies in our robust work ethic, transparent interactions with customers, and unwavering commitment to customer service,” she asserts.

While providing essential printing services, Angie identifies graphic design as a pivotal growth area for her business. Engaging with new business owners regularly, she collaborates with them on foundational elements such as logos and colors, gradually expanding to fulfill their broader branding needs. Angie shares a particular success story, illustrating how her team guided a client from developing a logo to creating brochures, flyers, labels, and eventually expanding into tradeshow equipment and promotional products.

Reflecting on her business’s growth strategies, Angie notes a significant boost from an acquisition that doubled her business in the past year. Actively participating in networking groups like BNI and leveraging email marketing, she has successfully increased her business’s visibility. Physical enhancements, such as eye-catching window graphics and prominent flags, have contributed to heightened foot traffic, with customers often citing the visible storefront as a reason for their visits.

Having transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, Angie appreciates the autonomy of being her own boss. Taking personal accountability for her business’s success, she thrives on providing excellent service to customers and fostering a self-sufficient team. Looking ahead, her professional goal is to transform her shop into a million-dollar enterprise before retirement, driven by a passion for helping local businesses flourish and cultivating lasting relationships.

When asked about advice for aspiring business owners, Angie emphasizes the importance of thorough research, weighing the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, and confronting the fear associated with taking the plunge. Recognizing the challenges of change, she advocates for personal and professional growth through embracing new opportunities and pushing past the confines of discontentment. In essence, Angie encourages others to challenge themselves and strive for personal excellence.