SignAgent Introduces Its New Brand Identity During the SEGD 50th Anniversary Conference

SignAgent Introduces Its New Brand Identity During the SEGD 50th Anniversary Conference缩略图

SignAgent has officially announced the launch of its updated brand identity. This announcement took place at SEGD’s Annual Conference in Washington DC, as the experiential graphic design society celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The rebranding initiative for SignAgent began in January 2023 with the assistance of J2, a branding agency located in Philadelphia. The new brand system features a fresh wordmark and icon, a tagline, and incorporates three distinct colors that represent the company’s software platform’s three key functional areas: design, build, and manage. As part of the project, J2 also developed a comprehensive brand guide that SignAgent will utilize to ensure consistent branding as the company continues to grow.

David Jorritsma, the President and Founder of SignAgent (a professional wayfinding designer), expressed his excitement about revealing the new brand identity at the SEGD’s 50th Anniversary conference. He mentioned that SEGD’s experiential designers and wayfinding experts were early adopters of SignAgent, and their support played a crucial role in the company’s growth and development.

SignAgent’s new tagline is “Lead the way.” The logo incorporates a new icon consisting of three overlapping triangles that form a single internal triangle pointing forward.

James Bosma, Vice President of Marketing Communications at SignAgent, explained the concept behind the new logo and tagline. He emphasized that SignAgent’s customer base includes three primary user types: architectural and wayfinding design firms, signage fabricators, and facility owners and operators. All these users contribute to improving people’s experience while navigating the built environment. The tagline and icon symbolize this convergence, reflecting how each user plays a part in leading the way forward for numerous individuals involved in the creation, implementation, or management of signage.

The SignAgent platform is a cloud-based project management software that fosters collaboration. It is used for planning, designing, producing, implementing, and managing physical signage and wayfinding programs. SignAgent’s application has successfully overseen projects in over 30 countries, including renowned hospitals, airports, transit systems, museums, universities, stadiums, and major international sporting events. Since its cloud launch in 2018, SignAgent has captured and planned over 5.7 million signs within the platform.

During SEGD’s four-day conference, representatives from SignAgent will be available to connect with existing clients, meet potential prospects, and take part in the organization’s various tours, presentations, and celebrations. Attendees of the SEGD conference are encouraged to visit SignAgent’s team at their newly designed trade show booth (Booth #302).