Sign Fab Inc. Broadens Horizons with Acquisition of Charleston Sign Manufacturing

Sign Fab Inc. Broadens Horizons with Acquisition of Charleston Sign Manufacturing缩略图

Charleston Manufacturing post-and-panel signs.

Wholesale channel letter manufacturing specialist, Sign Fab Inc., headquartered in Stoutland, Missouri, has recently completed the acquisition of Charleston Manufacturing LLC, a company based in Mississippi. This strategic decision brings numerous benefits, allowing Sign Fab Inc. the opportunity to expand their product range and solidify their position as a leading brand in the wholesale sign manufacturing industry. With a combined 140,000 square feet of space, Sign Fab Inc. now offers direct delivery of their products to sign professionals across the United States.

Charleston Manufacturing is headquartered in Charleston, Mississippi, and was originally founded in 1965 as a supplier of signage and lighting primarily for the oil industry. In 1973, Charleston Industries, which was acquired by Petersen Aluminum Corporation, expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive line of architectural signage. Their architectural signage solutions are designed to guide people in various settings, including universities, office parks, shopping malls, industrial parks, hospitals, and hotels. Charleston Manufacturing specializes in post and panel signage, as well as interior and electric cabinet signage.

Over the years, Charleston Manufacturing underwent two acquisitions since its inception in 1973, culminating in its purchase by Sign Fab Inc. in June 2023.

Sign Fab Inc. will now operate under various divisions, including SF Wholesale Printing and Charleston Sign Manufacturing.

SignFab_ChannelLetters Sign Fab Inc., channel letters.

The inclusion of Charleston Sign Manufacturing represents a significant milestone for Sign Fab Inc., offering them a host of valuable advantages. With this acquisition, they now possess the capability to produce top-tier extruded architectural signage, while also expanding their custom cabinet fabrication to incorporate an exclusive line of post-and-panel products. These expanded offerings draw upon the rich histories of both Charleston Manufacturing and Sign Fab Inc., which has over thirty years of experience in wholesale channel letter and sign cabinet production.

This acquisition stands as a pivotal moment in Sign Fab Inc.’s journey, as they merge their expertise and resources to provide exceptional products and services to their esteemed customers from two distinct locations.

In the coming days, Sign Fab Inc. will seamlessly integrate all operations under its umbrella, ensuring that the highest standards of quality are upheld across the extended product range. Importantly, there will be no disruption in product and service delivery during this integration phase.