Sherwin-Williams General Industrial Celebrates 150 Years of Coatings Excellence and Innovation at the 2023 ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas

Sherwin-Williams General Industrial Celebrates 150 Years of Coatings Excellence and Innovation at the 2023 ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas缩略图

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Sherwin-Williams General Industrial is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary at the upcoming 2023 ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 12-14. The company, known for its extensive coatings expertise and service, will be showcasing a range of innovative products and processes at the event, including highlights such as the Lustral Translucent system and the GENESIS® mix bank. Attendees are encouraged to visit the Sherwin-Williams booth for the chance to win exciting prizes, such as an Express Color Reader PRO or Sign Color Toolkit, specifically designed for sign coatings.

As a leading manufacturer direct supplier in the industry, Sherwin-Williams prides itself on offering the advantages of a global company at a local level. The presence of in-house sign finishing experts and company-owned facilities across North America enables Sherwin-Williams to promptly fulfill customer requests with standard or custom-matched colors. With cutting-edge coatings technologies, Sherwin-Williams effectively covers the entire sign production process from inception to completion.

John Morey, Global Director for Sherwin-Williams General Industrial, noted, “Sign manufacturers face the ongoing challenge of delivering high-quality finishes within increasingly shorter lead times. Recognizing this, we have consistently innovated our products and enhanced our services to provide a truly differentiated offering that enables finishers to expedite their work. The Sherwin-Williams General Industrial team is eager to showcase the advancements in both our technologies and services to ISA attendees and establish new connections in the industry.”

Sherwin-Williams stands out as the sole coatings provider to ensure color matching consistency between solid and translucent colors through the utilization of the GENESIS® mixing system and mix bank. Tailored for sign applicators, the Lustral Translucent system leverages the existing GENESIS mixing bank, effortlessly transforming any GENESIS® Lustral solid color into a translucent coating. This streamlined approach not only saves time, costs, and inventory space but also ensures successful color continuity in a single step, in contrast to traditional multistep systems.

Sherwin-Williams products incorporate automotive-grade pigments and urethane chemistries to provide superior UV and weather protection. These innovative formulations have been instrumental in enhancing and safeguarding some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks, including the historic Hollywood sign, which the company contributed to refurbishing last year in collaboration with the Hollywood Sign Trust.

Morey emphasized, “At Sherwin-Williams General Industrial Coatings, our mission is to protect and enhance manufactured goods responsibly. We are dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability within our industry, offering performance-differentiated products in colors that inspire the world.”

During the 2023 expo, Sherwin-Williams will host two giveaways per day at booth #2359 (1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.), providing attendees with opportunities to win the newly designed Sherwin-Williams Sign Color Toolkit or Color Express Color Reader PRO. The Sign Color Toolkit, housed in a portable carrying case, includes two fan decks—metallic and sign fan decks—comprising over 2,000 colors tailored for sign coatings. The Color Reader PRO, a Bluetooth-connected color selection device, links to thousands of Sherwin-Williams colors, facilitating quick and efficient color matching.

Prospective entrants are encouraged to visit Sherwin-Williams booth #2359 to learn more about the giveaways and participate in the excitement.