Shenzhen China Resources Hyatt House signage system

The project is located in Shenzhen Bay Area, which is a large-scale comprehensive development project land in Shenzhen Bay Area. China Resources uses its rich experience in comprehensive development to optimize various functional properties to achieve as much resource sharing as possible, creating one of the urban bay area buildings. A dynamic center of multi-business integration and a model city in the global era.

Resources-Hyatt-House-1-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-2-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-3-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-4-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-5-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-6-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-7-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-8-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-9-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-10-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-11-300x155-1 Resources-Hyatt-House-12-300x155-1

Service content: Yuefu is the star product of China Resources Land’s TOP series, and it is the representative work leading its high-end projects in Shenzhen and even across the country. The ACPSIGNS team and the project party fully understand the core concepts of project space and architecture through full communication. Considering the planning from all aspects, the exquisite details depict the boutique logo, showing our pursuit of high-end quality.
Customer evaluation: Through in-depth communication, the ACPSIGNS signage team designed a signage and signage system to match it. The design and production are perfect, reflecting the quality of the high-end residential area of Yuefu in Shenzhen Bay.