How to choose between Foamboard and PVC as exhibition board materials?

The materials commonly used in exhibitions are generally divided into two types, one is PVC, and the other is Foamboard. According to Li, PVC has higher hardness. The following article will introduce the application, price, characteristics, etc. of Foamboard and PVC.


What is the difference between Foamboard and PVC version?

Generally known as foam board or pearl board, which is Foamboard. The material is made of polystyrene (PS) particle foam. The production process will press the foamed foam into a board, and add a thin layer of PVC glue on both sides. , it will become the usual Foamboard (Pearl Board), due to its light weight and cheap price, people often choose Foamboard as the material, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be used in complex models, because the hardness is not high enough, although it is used carefully.

The raw material of PVC is the same as Foamboard, but it will foam inside, so its density is higher, which increases its hardness and will not cause deformation.

Application scenarios of Foamboard and PVC version


Foamboard – suitable for indoor and short-term exhibitions

Due to its low hardness and easy deformation, and if exposed to sunlight or heat indoors, the pearl board will be filled with air and swell, which will greatly shorten its lifespan, so Foamboard is more suitable for indoor scenes.


PVC board – a more durable material, suitable for any long -term indoor and outdoor use

As mentioned above, due to the high hardness, its durability is high, and the air is not easy to flow out. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes, and it is also suitable for guests who need to display for a long time. On the contrary, if you are short-term use or have a low cost budget High, you can consider the way of the pearl version.