SGIA Expo: Colter & Peterson offers new and refurbished wide format options

SGIA Expo: Colter & Peterson offers new and refurbished wide format options缩略图

Colter & Peterson’s SABER X-15 PLUS paper cutter, equipped with Microcut electronics, has proven to be a game-changer for wide format users. The machine’s increased capacity and enhanced productivity have resulted in significant time and cost savings for customers.

One notable customer on the West Coast has seen remarkable efficiency improvements with their 141-inch SABER X-15 machine. They can rotate and trim all four sides of 126-inch paper sheets without removing them from the cutter, saving valuable time. The machine also effortlessly handles 40-pt. styrene and large graphics up to 140 inches. The customer has also benefited from using Microcut JDF files during layout, further streamlining their workflow.

The SABER line is particularly well-suited for wide format applications such as wall panels, backdrops, and P-O-P displays. It can effortlessly cut a wide range of materials, including thick styrene, Coroplast, plastic, E Flute corrugated, paper, and foam board. The integration of Microcut technology enhances its precision and performance, making it an excellent choice for reconditioned units as well.

Another satisfied customer using the Minnesota SABER X-15 PLUS machine achieved a significant boost in productivity by taking on straight cut work previously handled by digital cutters. This allowed them to double their capacity and focus on producing complex and high-end P-O-P displays with added layers and graphics. They work with materials such as corrugated E Flute, 4 mm Coroplast, and 20-mil styrene.

In yet another success story, an Ohio customer experienced a dramatic increase in output, cutting from 400 sheets in an 8-hour shift to completing the same amount in less than an hour with their 141-inch SABER X-15 PLUS machine. They have had no issues cutting 24 pt. paper or 48-inch-by-24-inch sheets at 60-mil. They are even considering switching to 80-mil sheets in the near future.

The SABER’s superior performance is evident in its ability to effortlessly cut through thick styrene during testing, impressing customers with its durability and precision. Overall, Colter & Peterson’s SABER X-15 PLUS paper cutter, with its Microcut electronics, has become a go-to choice for wide format providers seeking increased productivity, versatility, and reliability.

Peterson welcomes all SGIA Expo visitors to talk about their plans for a new or rebuilt paper cutting system, Visit C&P booth 3150 or go to for more information.