SENFA-Decoprint will be showcasing their award-winning ALTERRA Fabric at SGIA

SENFA-Decoprint will be showcasing their award-winning ALTERRA Fabric at SGIA缩略图

The eco-friendly ALTERRA fabric is made by weaving recycled fibers, accounting for 65 percent of the fabric. It is then coated with SENFA’s smooth finish, guaranteeing exceptional backlit graphics and meeting fire-retardancy standards.

SENFA has incorporated recycled fibers into the production process of ALTERRA, an extension of their award-winning DECOPRINT PEARL. ALTERRA provides the same high-quality specifications as PEARL while reducing the use of non-renewable resources. At the SENFA-Decoprint booth, visitors can also explore Decoprint PEARL, the ideal solution for shopping malls, international branded stores, and airports. Additionally, SENFA will introduce the SUBLIMIS range for backlit graphics, utilizing both transfer and direct disperse technologies, which is a first in the USA.

The North American market is witnessing a year-on-year growth with a noticeable inclination towards printing on textiles. To better serve this market’s potential, SENFA has employed Benjamin Westog as the US-based National Sales Manager. At the SENFA-Decoprint booth, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the full potential of textile printing, even with traditional non-textile technologies such as UV-curing and latex printers. Benjamin Westog, along with Blaise Humphries, the Decoprint Business Unit Director, will be available at the booth throughout the exhibition, welcoming visitors to discover the extensive possibilities of textiles.

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