Rivers Casino Portsmouth Illuminated: A Vibrant Showcase with Cutting-Edge LED Displays

Rivers Casino Portsmouth Illuminated: A Vibrant Showcase with Cutting-Edge LED Displays缩略图

Daktronics, based in Brookings, South Dakota, played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual experience at Rivers Casino Portsmouth, located in Portsmouth, Virginia. In preparation for the grand opening slated for early 2023, Daktronics spearheaded the design, manufacturing, and installation of 10 cutting-edge LED displays.

The centerpiece of the BetRivers sportsbook is a sprawling indoor video wall complemented by a dynamic ticker display encircling the bar. Additionally, marquee displays strategically positioned along the roadside and affixed to the building’s façade extend a warm welcome to guests. In total, these 10 state-of-the-art displays collectively contribute nearly 5,000 square feet of digital canvas, transforming the venue into a visually stunning spectacle.

Roy Corby, the general manager of Rivers Casino Portsmouth, expressed satisfaction with Daktronics, emphasizing their commendable work in achieving a perfect blend of scale, image clarity, and advanced technology. The high-end displays not only meet but exceed expectations, significantly elevating the overall gaming and entertainment experience for casino patrons.

betriverq Indoor Displays

As patrons settle in for live sporting action at Rivers Casino Portsmouth, a remarkable 12.5-foot-high by 64-foot-wide LED video wall takes center stage, seamlessly broadcasting all pertinent betting information, odds, and live game broadcasts. With a pixel spacing of 1.3 millimeters, this display ensures razor-sharp details and vibrant imagery, captivating viewers and keeping them fully engaged in the unfolding sports events. It’s a visual spectacle that enhances the overall sportsbook experience, providing guests with a comprehensive view of essential details on one expansive screen.

Josh Francois, Managing Director of the Spectaculars Division at Daktronics, remarked on the evolution of the sportsbook experience, emphasizing the shift towards large-scale LED video displays capable of showcasing multiple feeds and information simultaneously. The project at Rivers Casino Portsmouth exemplifies this evolution, with the LED display standing out as a shining example of a sophisticated and immersive sports viewing experience. Francois added that this display is a source of pride for the casino, destined to remain a focal point inside the venue for years to come.

Above the bar area, a ticker display adds another layer of functionality, stretching around three sides to display critical betting information. Measuring over 1 foot in height and spanning 107 feet in width, this display boasts a 2.5-millimeter pixel spacing, ensuring clear visibility of important details. Together, these technological marvels contribute to the casino’s ambiance, offering patrons a top-tier sports entertainment experience.


In The Sound Bar, a distinct section dedicated to live music, comedians, and various forms of entertainment, an additional display has been strategically installed. Serving as an impressive backdrop behind the stage, this video wall stands at an impressive 8 feet in height and spans 26 feet in width. With a pixel spacing of 2 millimeters, it ensures a high-resolution viewing experience for all content, ranging from live video and animations to branding elements and any other digital imagery the casino intends to showcase.

This state-of-the-art display enhances the visual appeal of The Sound Bar, providing patrons with an up-close and immersive view of the diverse range of content presented on stage. Whether it’s the vibrant visuals accompanying live performances or dynamic branding elements, the 2-millimeter pixel spacing ensures clarity and detail, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the overall entertainment experience within this dedicated space.

betriverse Outdoor Displays

Greeting visitors to the casino and sportsbook, an attention-grabbing double-sided marquee proudly stands along the roadside, beckoning and directing traffic to the venue. Each side of this impressive welcome pylon boasts LED displays spanning approximately 18 feet in height and 11 feet in width.

At the southeast and east corner entryways, marquee LED displays with striking 90-degree corners make a bold statement. On the southeast façade, the display commands attention at nearly 22 feet in height and 84 feet in width, while on the east façade, it measures an impressive 12 feet in height by 36 feet in width.

On the east side, a ticker display, stretching 6 feet in height and 96 feet in width, is mounted to the building. Above The Event Center entrance, a display stands tall at 14.5 feet in height and spans 37 feet in width.

As visitors approach the porte-cochère, a sleek 1-foot-high by 60-foot-wide narrow ticker display welcomes them, showcasing casino branding and additional messaging as desired.

All outdoor displays are equipped with 10-millimeter pixel spacing, ensuring a visually striking presentation that enhances the overall aesthetic of the casino, sportsbook, and surrounding areas.