Rivers Casino Elevates Aesthetics with Striking LED Display Integration on Façade

Rivers Casino Elevates Aesthetics with Striking LED Display Integration on Façade缩略图

New LED display on the exterior of Rivers Casino Pittsburgh. It wraps around a corner at 90 degrees.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh recently underwent a notable enhancement to its architectural aesthetics by integrating a state-of-the-art large-format LED screen from SNA Displays. The cutting-edge digital display was crafted using SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of LED video display technology, featuring a 12mm pixel pitch.

Situated in the Northshore region, strategically positioned where the Ohio River diverges, Rivers Casino offers a comprehensive array of amenities, including hotel accommodations, diverse dining options, round-the-clock gaming, live entertainment, and versatile meeting spaces.

The upgrade was orchestrated by Coherent Design, a consultancy and design solutions firm based in Las Vegas and Scottsdale. The installation was expertly executed by Piros Signs.

The façade-mounted LED screen, positioned just below the prominent Rivers Casino branding, stands impressively at 17 feet 4 inches in height and spans 36 feet 7 inches in width, seamlessly wrapping around a 90-degree corner. Strategically inset into the parking structure, the display achieves a flush integration with the surrounding frontage.

Addressing the challenge of lacking detailed drawings of the outdated display, SNA Displays showcased its adaptability and ingenuity by custom-engineering and fabricating the new screen to seamlessly align with the existing infrastructure.

RiversCasino_SNA_Display_2 The LED display is inset into the parking structure so that it is flush with the surrounding frontage.

Nicole Rotyliano, project manager and SNAPros™ staff member, emphasized the flexibility and problem-solving prowess of the SNAPros™ team. She stated, “Our SNAPros™ are a flexible, solutions-oriented team. As technical experts, when we encounter complications and conflicts in the field, we draw on decades of collective knowledge and expertise to adapt and ultimately find the right solution.”

Boasting a resolution of 440 pixels in height by 930 pixels in width, the screen processes an impressive total of more than 400,000 pixels. Primarily utilized for on-premise messaging, the LED display serves as a dynamic platform for engaging content.

SNA Displays, headquartered in Times Square, has a rich history of collaborating with clients to design and construct some of the world’s largest and most iconic digital spectaculars. The company is home to a dedicated team of SNAPros™—comprising engineers, skilled project managers, systems experts, installation managers, and support staff—whose mission is to ensure total project satisfaction.