Orbus Unveils New Name: Welcome to Orbus Visual Communications

Orbus Unveils New Name: Welcome to Orbus Visual Communications缩略图

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, the largest producer and manufacturer of visual communication solutions for tradeshows, events, retail, and workplace interiors in North America, proudly announces its immediate rebranding to Orbus Visual Communications®. This new name signifies the company’s expanded capabilities, offerings, and dedication to meeting the evolving visual communication needs of its valued clients in the events, interiors, and retail sectors.

Orbus Visual Communications represents more than just a name change; it symbolizes the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive visual communication solutions that extend beyond exhibits and displays.

While Orbus will continue to provide its renowned displays for promotional events, recent acquisitions such as Fabric Images in 2020 and SEG Systems and Services in 2022 have added retail and interior solutions to its extensive range of offerings. This name change reflects this expansion, encompassing exhibits, retail, and interiors.

It is important to note that this rebranding will not impact the company’s current operations, and all clients can expect to receive the same exceptional quality, customer service, and attention to detail that Orbus has consistently delivered throughout its history.

Gary Keefer, the CEO of Orbus Visual Communications, emphasized the importance of visual communication in helping organizations effectively convey their brand and message in a creative and visual manner. He stated, “The name change reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of this dynamic industry, providing clients with a wide range of innovative visual solutions to meet their communication needs.”