Introducing Laminators Inc.’s Modernized Website: Your Gateway to Enhanced Product and Service Information

Introducing Laminators Inc.’s Modernized Website: Your Gateway to Enhanced Product and Service Information缩略图

Laminators Incorporated is excited to unveil their newly modernized website, showcasing a refreshing design and user-friendly navigation. This revamped site, launched on April 24, 2023, reflects several months of dedicated effort aimed at enhancing the user experience, providing up-to-date information on their products, systems, and services.

The new website is geared towards serving customers and visitors more effectively, offering an expanded range of learning resources, sharing options, and interactive features. With each visit, users can expect to discover an abundance of options and information.

The modernized website boasts improved functionality across Laminators Incorporated’s Architectural Systems, Sign Panels, and OEM Solutions divisions. It also introduces new features, such as a Samples Request Form and the capability to make online payments.

Additional enhancements include:

  1. Project Portfolios: Explore detailed Architectural, Sign, and OEM project portfolios to find specific products and installation systems used, projects in your area, project types, and much more.
  2. Product Selector Tools: Utilize user-friendly architectural and sign selector tools as guides for selecting the right panel or application system for your needs.
  3. Installation Systems: Learn about various proprietary installation systems and access their respective guides.
  4. Downloads & Resources: Find brochures, product specifications, installation instructions, technical information, detailed CAD drawings, and more.
  5. Color & Finishes: Browse over sixty Kynar 500/PVDF and Polyester colors, including the popular Matte, Designer, and Natural Series colors and finishes.
  6. FAQs: Get answers to frequently asked questions.
  7. Services: Explore their fabrication capabilities, take-offs, ACM drawings, and installer training.
  8. Rep Locators: Locate your local Architectural, Sign, and OEM representatives.
  9. Newsroom & Articles: Stay informed with the latest news and updates featuring Laminators Incorporated.
  10. CEU Course: Earn one CEU credit with their AIA LU/HSW course.

While the previous website served its purpose, Laminators Inc. recognized the need for a change after several years. In collaboration with the marketing agency Klunk & Millan Advertising in Allentown, Pennsylvania, they worked on the overall vision and creation of the new site. Laminators’ primary objective was to build upon their existing strong foundation and provide visitors with easy access to the information they seek.

Laminators Incorporated is committed to continually expanding their online content to deliver updated and relevant information to their audience.