HLW Unveils brandx: Elevating Signage and Wayfinding for Branded Environments

HLW Unveils brandx: Elevating Signage and Wayfinding for Branded Environments缩略图

Subway® global dual-headquarters in Miami.

brandx, a global team specializing in innovative wayfinding strategies, signage systems, and brand experiences, is excited to announce its official launch as a distinct unit within the renowned international architecture and design firm, HLW. (Note: brandx is an internal signage and wayfinding division of HLW.)

In a world where individuals are bombarded with thousands of visual messages daily, brandx stands out by crafting intuitive connections that redefine how users interact with brands and their physical surroundings in a safe and efficient manner.

“The way we use language to navigate our world is ever-evolving, and today’s interior standards demand more than conventional wayfinding,” says Managing Partner Susan Boyle. “The inventive and dynamic brandx team pushes the boundaries of traditional signage, introducing a universal, user-friendly, and function-oriented approach to spatial navigation and brand interaction.

“Their work assists organizations in engaging stakeholders and achieving their goals with the same level of professionalism and passion that HLW clients have come to rely on for over 135 years.”

Led by Global Director Chanel Dehond, HLW’s “brandxperts” understand that the language used in signage holds significant importance. The team’s diverse professional backgrounds provide a deep insight into designing collateral that conveys logistical information clearly while addressing cultural discussions related to identity and accessibility. The result is inclusive, adaptable, and enduring signage systems and wayfinding strategies that are unique to their respective locations.

In essence, brandx transforms an organization’s distinctive characteristics into tangible, 3D spatial experiences.

“We maintain direct engagement with our clients throughout the entire process,” explains Dehond. “A notable recent project, for instance, is our collaboration with Subway’s Headquarters in Miami. We developed a graphics package that infuses fun and vibrant elements with a touch of sophistication, enhancing the workplace environment and immersing employees and visitors in Subway’s iconic brand.

“We divided the headquarters into six ‘neighborhoods’ or ‘team zones,’ each named after different food adjectives: Fresh, Tangy, Melty, Savory, Seasoned, and Spicy. Each area boasts its own unique visual identity that aligns with the flavor profile, so you might find yourself using the Bacon meeting room in the Savory neighborhood.”

brandx frequently collaborates with the architects and designers at HLW, working alongside the firm’s other four specialty business partners to enhance innovative and sustainable projects with a branded environment that complements the overall design.

By establishing close partnerships with key stakeholders from the project’s inception, the brandx team adeptly manages the entire design process, from conceptualization and design to the on-site coordination of fabrication and installation.

Having partnered on projects with esteemed clients such as Schrödinger Inc., Subway®, Aspen Insurance, Morgan Stanley, and Fordham University, the team operates across various sectors to make branded experiences engaging and accessible.

BrandedExperience_Schroedingers (L-R): Schrodinger Inc., NYC office; QR code wall in (confidential) global management consulting firm in Boston.