Elements of wayfinding design

Elements of wayfinding design缩略图

Elements of structure in the design of identification signs mainly include patterns, text, units of measurement, and colors. These elements play different roles in the design, together constituting the content and form of identification signs.

Patterns: Patterns are vital components of identification sign design, encompassing trademark patterns, symbolic patterns, and decorative patterns, among others. The selection of patterns should align with the characteristics of the product or service, intuitively conveying information, thereby enhancing the recognition and appeal of the identification sign.

Text: Text plays a crucial role in identification sign design by serving as prompts, conveying instructions, and stating content. The selection of text should be accurate, concise, and clear, aligning with cultural backgrounds and the purpose of conveying information. Considerations such as font selection, size, and combination should all contribute to the overall effectiveness of the design.

Units of measurement: Units of measurement are common contents in identification signs, spanning various industries and being crucial for describing and explaining products or services. In international communication, standardized units of measurement can eliminate language barriers, facilitating communication and understanding.


Colors: Colors are significant forms of expression in identification sign design, capable of conveying rich information and emotions. Color selection should take into account brand image, product characteristics, and the preferences and psychological responses of the target audience. Appropriately using color can enhance the recognition and appeal of the identification sign, improving the user experience.

These structural elements complement each other, collectively forming the overall effect of identification sign design. Designers need to consider the relationship between various elements comprehensively, ensuring that the design can convey clear information while attracting the attention of the target audience, achieving the desired effect.