Wrapmate’s Strategic Investment in Wrapify: Revolutionizing the Vehicle Graphics Industry

Wrapmate’s Strategic Investment in Wrapify: Revolutionizing the Vehicle Graphics Industry缩略图

Wrapmate has successfully completed a strategic, majority investment in Wrapify, a distinguished player in the measurable rideshare advertising industry, recognized as a three-time Inc. 5000 company. This partnership will see the amalgamation of their operational efficiencies, advanced technology platforms, and collective purchasing power, enabling them to better serve customers nationwide. Moreover, it will fortify an unprecedented network comprising nearly 2,000 car wrap installers, offering premium vehicle wraps made from top-quality 3M wrap film.

Chris Loar, the CEO and founder of Wrapmate, commended Wrapify as a pioneering company with patented technology and a track record of serving some of the world’s most prominent brands, lauding their ability to bring scalability and measurability to the Moving Out of Home (MOOH) sector. He emphasized that the addition of Wrapify’s team, customer base, and cutting-edge technology will significantly advance their mission to modernize the historically overlooked and outdated vehicle graphics industry.

James Heller, CEO and founder of Wrapify, expressed his admiration for Wrapmate’s accomplishments over the last four years in reshaping the vehicle graphics industry through technology. He highlighted their shared experience in dealing with operational challenges and the potential to combine their twelve-plus years of expertise to better serve their customers.

Wrapmate, known for its technology-driven managed marketplace, is revolutionizing the vehicle graphics industry’s buying and selling experience. Their innovative customer interaction methods, coupled with a network of over 1,400 local wrap installers, efficiently cater to businesses, fleet managers, franchises, and consumers nationwide.

Wrapify, on the other hand, bridges the gap between offline and online advertising channels, delivering quantifiable results while rewarding drivers financially. Since its establishment in 2015, Wrapify has engaged over 500,000 Uber, Lyft, and other gig drivers for local and national brand campaigns.

Although both organizations initially addressed separate yet closely related challenges, their shared commitment to streamlining the national vehicle wrapping process has remained a central focus. Wrapmate has brought a transformation by simplifying online wrap purchases, while Wrapify’s Boost technology leverages the exposure to branded vehicles for online digital remarketing, in-app advertising, and Connected TV (CTV). This partnership promises to deliver an expanded and enhanced range of products, benefitting customers of all types.