Why Are Signs Important in Advertising?

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Signs are some of the most important elements of advertising because they allow consumers to identify an image with a brand, product or business. If consumers don’t remember a brand or product, the chances of them buying that brand or product decrease significantly. Signs and billboards build brand equity in the minds of consumers, making them more likely to buy a product because they remember it.


  • Consumers are more likely to buy a product they have seen before or have heard about than a product they’ve never heard of. After seeing a sign, a consumer is more likely to remember that brand or product the next time he sees it. This is called recognition, and is a major goal of all advertising.

Touch Point

  • A sign simply creates another touch point with a consumer. Touch points occur any time a consumer comes in contact with a brand or product. A company wants all touch points to be positive, so that consumers will not only remember a brand or product, but remember it in a positive light.

Call to Action

  • Many outdoor billboard signs are used to call a consumer to action, or ask the consumer directly to consider buying a product. A sign might advertise a sale or a recent development in a product that a consumer might find interesting, so a sign can be effective in directing a consumer to a store.


  • Since a sign or billboard doesn’t have to be near a company or business doing the selling, a sign can pull more people to that business from other areas. If a sign is in a location away from the actual store or business, consumers that might not know about that business will have a better chance of finding out about it.


  • Billboard advertising is among the cheapest of all forms of advertising–about $3 to $4 per thousand people– in relation to cost/audience ratio. This allows smaller businesses on a budget to get more bang for their buck and reach a larger audience with their strategic messages.


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