What’s the Difference Between Monument Signs and Pylon Signs?


Nowadays, Monument Signs and Pylon Signs are very common everywhere. But, what’s the difference between monument signs and pylon signs?

The Height between Monument Signs and Pylon Signs

The height of monument sign is about as tall as a person. Materials include bricks, sign foam or aluminum. Combine the monument with a lightbox for illumination. When you add message boards with a changeable lettering option, or an LED message board, you further enhance the value of your monument marker.

Pylon signs usually soar high above your business’ location. For shopping centers, they resemble giant monument signs whereas the individual company may choose to attach a marker to a skinny pole. These get attention from motorists who are still a long way away.

What Sign Do You Need?

Are you located near a freeway off ramp? Are you tucked along a stretch of roadway where all buildings are pretty much the same height? When you need to stand out from a crowd of one-story businesses or have set up shop near a highway, it pays to alert motorists early on to your company’s presence. The advantage of this sign is clear: Adding height to your location’s look makes you stand out from the rest.

In contrast, a monument adds sophistication to a business’ look. It sets the tone for the customer’s expectations. If your location is a bit short on space, this sign can easily be installed on a median or lawn. When you surround the marker with landscaping upgrades, it beautifies the overall look of your property.

When a Monument is Really a Pylon

The signage used to highlight all occupants of a strip mall calls for the services of a monument design with the height of a pylon marker. It is the best of both worlds and helps to give each merchant a chance at attracting customers, which of course benefits the other businesses as well. Property owners usually favor a tall design that gives each occupant a signage spot of similar size. With a smaller marker, only top-billers get good-sized signage whereas the smaller businesses might have to make do with a crammed display of their name or logo.


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