Versatility of Channel Letters

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Channel letters are bespoke, three-dimensional signs or letters crafted from aluminum or plastic, primarily designed for exterior use, although some clients opt for them in lobby settings as well. While the majority of channel letters are illuminated, not all are.

The most prevalent type of channel letter is front-lit, featuring internal LED illumination that illuminates the face. Typically, the faces of channel letters are made of acrylic, allowing for vibrant and eye-catching displays. Color elements within logos are often achieved through translucent vinyl or by using specific colors of acrylic that match standard options available.

When providing quotes for individual channel letters, particularly front-lit ones, we typically utilize a 4.3-inch depth coil. This allows for a four-inch depth on the returns, which are the sides of the channel letters. Additionally, we consistently use acrylic for the faces of our channel letters, ensuring a uniform and high-quality finish.

The versatility of materials used in the fabrication of channel letters allows for extensive customization, meeting the unique branding and aesthetic preferences of our clients. Let’s explore the various iterations and options available for channel letters to best suit your specific needs.

Types of Channel Letters

Halo-Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Halo or reverse-lit channel letters offer a captivating effect, resembling a luminous halo enveloping the letters. This style appeals to some customers seeking a distinctive look that enhances their signage.

For instance, consider Doodle Pies, where we mounted the letters on an aluminum pan backer to create a cleaner halo effect. By reflecting light off the pan rather than the brick background, we achieved a brighter and more pronounced halo effect. Depending on the requested depth of the letters, we employ either the Accu Bend machine or handcraft them for customization, as seen with Slim Studio.

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Why Choose Halo Lit or Reverse Channel Letters?

People opt for halo-lit or reverse channel letters for their aesthetic appeal both day and night. During daylight, they exude the appearance of thick aluminum channel letters with metal faces, while at night, they come alive with a captivating glow.

Channel Cloud

Cloud Signs For Businesses | Wholesale Signs Fabricators

Channel clouds offer a cost-effective alternative for clients desiring individual channel letters on a tighter budget. For example, Fandomie opted for a channel cloud, allowing them to maximize sign size and budget by forming one large shape outlining their name.

The decision to go with a channel cloud may also be influenced by time constraints, as it typically offers a quicker turnaround compared to fabricating individual letters.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated channel letters cater to clients who prioritize factors such as jurisdictional regulations, budget constraints, landlord preferences, and environmental considerations. Elliott Aviation chose non-illuminated channel letters for their private airfield, where night-time visibility was not a primary concern. Similarly, Kelly and Kate Boutique opted for non-illuminated letters to save costs as they established their brand.

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Front and Halo Lit Channel Letters | Direct Sign Wholesale

Combining the illumination of standard front-lit letters with the halo effect of reverse-lit letters, this type offers a unique visual impact. Agnes Scott College, for instance, illuminated their Terrier mascot sign with white lighting on the front and purple lighting on the back, achieving a striking and distinctive appearance.

Final Decision Making

Ultimately, the choice of channel letter style rests with the customer’s preferences, budget considerations, and regulatory requirements. Our aim is to guide customers toward options that best suit their needs, maximizing their budget while delivering visually appealing signage. Customer satisfaction is our priority, driving us to provide the best possible solutions for their signage requirements.


In conclusion, channel letters offer a versatile and customizable solution for businesses and organizations seeking impactful signage. From front-lit to halo-reverse lit, channel clouds to non-illuminated options, the array of choices allows for tailored solutions that meet diverse needs and preferences. Whether enhancing visibility at night or making a statement during the day, channel letters serve as dynamic brand ambassadors. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that each project is approached with care and attention to detail, resulting in signage that not only meets but exceeds expectations.