Transformative Wall Murals: A Dazzling Project for the University of Winnipeg

Transformative Wall Murals: A Dazzling Project for the University of Winnipeg缩略图

Lea Marc Inc., a professional print provider based in Winnipeg, Canada, recently collaborated with the University of Winnipeg’s athletics department to create a visually striking series of wall murals. Lea Marc has had a longstanding partnership with the university, spanning over seventeen years. Their most recent project aimed to celebrate the achievements of the Winnipeg Wesmen sports teams by adorning various surfaces within the university with vibrant wall graphics.

With over five years of experience working with Drytac materials for interior and exterior graphics, Lea Marc was well-versed in the advantages of using these materials. However, the unique challenge for this project was dealing with the diversity of surfaces the murals would be applied to.

For brick walls, Lea Marc wisely chose Drytac Polar Grip, and for concrete walls inside the university building, they opted for ReTac Smooth 150. Both materials were procured through the approved Drytac distributor, ND Graphics in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Collaborating closely with the University of Winnipeg’s marketing department, the wall mural graphics for the athletics department were prepared and printed in-house using an HP Latex 360 printer. They were then expertly applied to the walls in April of this year, transforming formerly dull and unremarkable surfaces into captivating showcases of the university’s sports stars in action.

Lea Marc Principal Brian Matychuk explained the university’s requirements, saying, “The university was looking for images to cover brick and concrete walls that would include both inclusivity and newer images in high traffic areas.” Lea Marc was selected for their ability to deliver a finished product that truly enhanced these images.

The final wall mural product received high praise from university staff, and Lea Marc is enthusiastic about the prospect of future collaborations with the University of Winnipeg and its Winnipeg Wesmen teams.

Matychuk also emphasized their commitment to providing innovative ideas and solutions while maintaining a friendly and customer-centric approach.