Thanksgiving Point Freeway Signage Retrofit Project

Thanksgiving Point Freeway Signage Retrofit Project缩略图

“YESCO, the esteemed 103-year-old company renowned for its expertise in creating, repairing, and maintaining globally recognized signs, has successfully completed the retrofit of Thanksgiving Point’s freeway display in Lehi, Utah.

The impressive Thanksgiving Point freeway display, standing at over 75 feet tall and stretching 46 feet wide, has undergone a significant transformation. It now features a state-of-the-art 19-foot-by-39-foot widescreen, high-definition, 19-millimeter WatchFire XVS electronic message center. This cutting-edge technology was installed to enhance the graphic capabilities of the EMC content, ensuring a more engaging and dynamic visual experience for viewers.

Furthermore, the signage incorporates internally illuminated pan channel letters and logo cabinets, meticulously designed to match Thanksgiving Point’s distinctive brand colors. Additionally, aluminum channels with white LED cove lighting have been integrated, providing a modern and vibrant aesthetic upgrade to the display.

This enhancement has breathed new life into the sign, making it a truly eye-catching and captivating feature.

Jeff Krantz, senior account executive at YESCO, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to assist Thanksgiving Point in reaching their target audience with this visually stunning display, enabling them to further their mission.”

Thanksgiving Point, a non-profit organization owned by the community, is dedicated to enriching lives by fostering a love for learning and the wonders of the natural world. Through world-class experiences that engage, delight, and inspire, they aim to create a lasting impact.

Established in 1995 by Alan and Karen Ashton, Thanksgiving Point serves as a hub for community engagement, attracting over two million annual visitors who come to explore, dine, play, and discover together. Thanksgiving Point’s location is at 3003 North Thanksgiving Way in Lehi, Utah.”