Subway Station Wayfinding Signs

As we all know, urban rail transit is developing rapidly, and subway station signs and subway shopping malls have gradually become an integral part of urban undergr ound space, helping the rapid expansion of urban space.
The directional sign system adheres to the humanized design to highlight its function, help people retrieve the current subway location or other information guidance, and avoid passengers staying in the station after exiting the gate. Next, we will analyze the design of the subway station directional sign system mainly including content:

1, Subway transfer guide signs, follow the real-time broadcast of the train and screen reminders to determine the alighting station, so as to avoid going the wrong way, especially in relatively complicated subway stations.

2. The subway station guide sign, the design of the subway station guide sign system allows people to find the station and arrive at the platform to wait for the train. It is set within 500 meters around the subway station. Passengers follow the guide of the subway station.
Follow the signs to the corresponding station, follow the line signs on the light box of the subway tag, go through the security check and check the ticket, and finally arrive at the platform to wait for the train. Different subway line signs use different colors
Distinguish and have a high degree of discrimination, and confirm the boarding platform with the help of the guidance sign system for the direction of the subway station.

3. The subway exit sign makes it easy to exit the station. According to the guidance of the subway station directional signboard and the subway station exit guideboard in the middle of the station hall, the station hall and the entrance and exit passageway are nearby.
The map allows passengers to understand the surrounding information of the subway station, so that they can choose the correct entrance and exit.