SPGPrints showcases the versatility and high quality of its PIKE and JAVELIN digital textile printers.

SPGPrints showcases the versatility and high quality of its PIKE and JAVELIN digital textile printers.缩略图

The PIKE printer is perfect for situations that require a higher annual capacity.

PIKE is a printer that is 1850mm wide and prints in a single pass. It operates at speeds of up to 40 linear meters per minute. Both JAVELIN and PIKE are designed to quickly respond to the demands of short and long production runs.

Both printers use SPGPrints’ unique Archer® technology. This technology allows them to fire drops of variable sizes (2-10pL) onto the substrate using Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads. It ensures precise printing of fine lines, solid blotches, crisp geometrics, and micro-florals on a wide range of materials. The ability to use variable drops results in a broader color range with a standard color set compared to other suppliers’ high-definition gamut. The technology also provides higher color density, resulting in increased ink yields, lower ink consumption, and better cost-efficiency.

PIKE and JAVELIN utilize reactive inks that are specifically developed and manufactured by SPGPrints. Additionally, the company is actively working on developing and releasing acid, sublimation, and disperse inks in the near future. These printers can be used for various applications such as fast fashion, limited editions, couture fashion, swimwear, sportswear, interior decor like bedding, curtains, and soft furnishings, as well as soft signage.

SPGPrints also produces a range of digital inks, including sublimation inks, for printers with Kyocera print heads. SPGPrints Nebula inks meet all Kyocera requirements and are manufactured at SPGPrints’ recently expanded 1000m2 ink facility in Boxmeer. These inks ensure high color quality, reliability, and runnability, promoting optimal performance and uptime.

Sangeeta Sachdev, managing director of SPGPrints America, stated, “Digital textile printing presents significant challenges for many textile printers. We offer assistance to printers and their customers in understanding the benefits and implications of digital printing, enabling them to make informed investment decisions. With the demands of fast fashion come the challenges of efficient logistics, just-in-time deliveries, and profitability. Given SPGPrints’ global and local expertise in textile printing, we are well-positioned to assist customers in transitioning to digital production.”

Furthermore, SPGPrints provides digital imaging solutions for screen printers and offers a comprehensive range of screens that meet the requirements for detail, durability, and sustainability. Additional information about these products and services is available at our booth at the 2017 SGIA Expo.

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