Revolutionizing Apparel Printing: Polyprint and APC’s Strategic Partnership Sets a New Standard in DTG and DTF Technology

Revolutionizing Apparel Printing: Polyprint and APC’s Strategic Partnership Sets a New Standard in DTG and DTF Technology缩略图

The partnership between Polyprint and American Print Consultants (APC) represents a significant stride in expanding market presence for the Texjet NG DTG and DTF series of printers in the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, and North-East regions of the United States. Under this distribution agreement, APC is not only set to sell the innovative printers but also to provide comprehensive services, including technical support, consumables, accessories, and spare parts to their existing customer base in the US.

APC, led by seasoned technicians, stands out as a service-centric provider in the signage, industrial, and textile printing industries. With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service and support, APC’s approach is rooted in establishing enduring partnerships that prioritize customer satisfaction. The team’s expertise allows them to efficiently address complex issues, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

Moreover, APC’s Digital Consultants are well-equipped to handle various aspects, from installing and repairing equipment to providing training for client production staff and troubleshooting printing and finishing processes. This hands-on approach fosters lasting relationships with customers, going beyond individual transactions to build a foundation for continued collaboration.

Polyprint President/CEO George Benglopoulos expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting APC’s reliability and extensive reach in the United States. The collaboration is seen as a pivotal step towards shared growth and success, aligning seamlessly with both companies’ dedication to providing exceptional products and services.

Rob Almstrom, CEO of American Print Consultants, emphasized APC’s longstanding interest in incorporating a DTG solution into their product line. He pointed out that previous options were either unreliable and inefficient or too expensive for many print shops to justify the investment. However, the Polyprint solution exceeded expectations by offering high quality, consistent results, user-friendly operation, and affordability.

The comprehensive package, including the state-of-the-art computer-controlled Pretreater Pro and APC’s conveyor dryer or heat press solutions, presents a complete, turn-key solution for fast, reliable, and economical DTG printing, as well as Direct-To-Film transfer capabilities. Almstrom expressed excitement about integrating the Polyprint equipment line into APC’s solutions, anticipating the introduction of a new era of direct apparel printing to the market.

In summary, the partnership between Polyprint and APC brings together cutting-edge technology, dedicated service, and a shared vision for advancing the digital garment printing industry in the United States.