Navigating the Complex World of Outdoor Digital Signage: A Guide to Overcoming Regulatory Challenges

Navigating the Complex World of Outdoor Digital Signage: A Guide to Overcoming Regulatory Challenges缩略图

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of outdoor digital signage, sign professionals are faced with lucrative opportunities but also encounter challenges posed by ever-changing technologies and regulatory hurdles. One significant roadblock arises from communities and planning officials implementing codes and regulations, often driven by personal aesthetics and interpretations. To address these issues, sign professionals are invited to a special half-day workshop titled “Combatting Codes & Regulations” on Tuesday, April 11, as part of the ISA Sign Expo pre-conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Workshop Overview: The workshop aims to equip sign industry professionals, digital signage specialists, and sign shop owners with essential knowledge and strategies necessary for successfully navigating the codes and regulations associated with on-premise outdoor digital signage installations. The event will feature discussions, advice, and shared experiences from industry experts, focusing on key aspects such as sales, planning, project management, and community engagement.

Agenda Highlights:

  1. 1:00pm – “‘The Secret Sauce’ – How to Increase EMC Sales Volume” Presenter: Brandon Meyer, Owner, Smart Signs

    Outdoor digital signs have become a standard in today’s market, but selling and navigating the codes and permitting process can be challenging. Brandon Meyer, owner of Smart Signs, will share his experience in growing a small sign company from five EMCs per year to seventy-five per year. Topics covered include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), lead generation, product selection, sales demonstration, design, estimating, financing, and creative retrofit installation methods. Whether you’re a novice looking to make your first EMC sale or aiming to increase your sales volume, this session promises valuable insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of SOPs in the sales process
  • Effective lead generation strategies
  • Product selection for diverse client needs
  • Mastering sales demonstration techniques
  • Creative retrofit installation methods for efficiency
  • Understanding financing options for clients

Conclusion: The “Combatting Codes & Regulations” workshop offers a unique opportunity for sign professionals to enhance their understanding of the intricacies involved in outdoor digital signage projects. By learning from industry experts and sharing experiences, attendees can gain valuable insights into successfully navigating sales, planning, and regulatory challenges. This workshop serves as a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing participants to address their concerns and find sensible code-and-regulatory solutions in this dynamic and evolving field.

Meyer_Brandon Brandon Meyer

Presenter Bio: Brandon Meyer, a 2000 high school graduate, embarked on his journey in the sign industry by immersing himself in a small vinyl sign shop initiated by his father. Over fourteen years of experience in digital printing and subcontracting custom lighted sign projects, Meyer developed a keen interest in outdoor digital message centers (EMCs). Today, he is the proud owner of Smart Signs, a ten-year-old EMC-focused sign company based in Western Pennsylvania. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to the recent establishment of Meyer Supply Co., a venture dedicated to assisting sign companies in expanding their business through increased EMC sales.

Workshop Schedule:

1. 1:00pm – “‘The Secret Sauce’ – How to Increase EMC Sales Volume”

  • Presenter: Brandon Meyer, Owner, Smart Signs

2. 2:00pm – “The ‘States’ of Sign Code and Permitting—Local, Regional, and National”

  • Presenter: Deacon Wardlow, Vantage LED

Seminar Overview: After successfully securing a client order for digital signage, the subsequent steps involve site planning and obtaining the necessary permits. Deacon Wardlow from Vantage LED will lead a seminar that delves into the complexities of digital sign/EMC permitting. The discussion will cover a spectrum of scenarios, from single-site projects to multi-site/multi-state sign projects. Attendees can expect insights into the challenges, obstacles, and solutions associated with the permitting process. Additionally, the seminar will shed light on ongoing efforts by the ISA and initiatives nationwide aimed at improving permitting procedures for the benefit of municipalities, sign companies, and clients.

Key Topics:

  • Site planning considerations for digital signage projects
  • Navigating the complexities of digital sign/EMC permitting
  • Challenges and solutions in single-site and multi-site projects
  • Ongoing efforts by the ISA to enhance permitting processes
  • Nationwide initiatives for positive changes in permitting procedures

Conclusion: Brandon Meyer’s workshop on increasing EMC sales sets the stage for Deacon Wardlow’s seminar, providing a comprehensive guide for sign professionals navigating the intricacies of outdoor digital signage projects. Attendees will gain valuable insights into both the sales and regulatory aspects, ensuring they are well-equipped to overcome challenges and contribute to the growth of their sign businesses.

Wardlow_Deacon Deacon Wardlow.

Presenter Bio: Deacon Wardlow, a seasoned professional with over sixteen years of experience, holds the role of Continuous Improvement Manager at Vantage LED (CA) and serves as the Special Ops for Spectacular Media (TX). Additionally, he is the founder of FiSimply Consulting (CO) and a notable entrepreneur, innovator, speaker/author, and founding member of the InVestEd Venture Capital Group. With extensive expertise in signage from both the sign maker and sign vendor perspectives, Deacon brings over thirty years of experience in business, technology, and collaboration with government organizations to create successful outcomes for public and private ventures.

Workshop Schedule:

1. 1:00pm – “‘The Secret Sauce’ – How to Increase EMC Sales Volume”

  • Presenter: Brandon Meyer, Owner, Smart Signs

2. 2:00pm – “The ‘States’ of Sign Code and Permitting—Local, Regional, and National”

  • Presenter: Deacon Wardlow, Vantage LED

3. 3:15pm – “Conversation: Sign Shop Project”

  • Host: Jeff Wooten, Editor, Sign Builder Illustrated
  • Guest: Jeffrey Young, Executive Vice President, YESCO

4. 3:45pm – “Trends: Codes and Regulations”

  • Presenter: David Hickey, Vice President of Government Affairs, ISA

Seminar Highlights:

  • 3:15pm – “Conversation: Sign Shop Project” Hosted by Jeff Wooten, this conversation with Jeffrey Young, Executive Vice President of YESCO, explores a recent outdoor digital sign installation. Attendees will gain insights into how YESCO became involved, navigated permitting and codes, prepared for installation, and addressed challenges during the planning process. The conversation provides valuable ideas for attendees on preparing for digital sign projects both within the shop and in the community.
  • 3:45pm – “Trends: Codes and Regulations” Presented by David Hickey, this session focuses on the evolving landscape of codes and regulations related to digital signage. As the popularity of digital signage displays rises, cities, communities, and planners are paying increased attention, leading to more stringent codes and regulations. Attendees will receive details on the latest and projected trends, objections, and concerns related to digital signage content and installations. This information will equip attendees and their end-user clients to anticipate and overcome potential obstacles in their projects.

Conclusion: The workshop provides a comprehensive exploration of the outdoor digital signage industry, covering essential aspects from increasing sales to navigating codes, regulations, and recent project experiences. Attendees will leave with practical insights, strategies, and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within this dynamic field.

Hickey_David David Hickey.

Presenter Bio: David Hickey holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Government Affairs at the International Sign Association. As a highly regarded expert in the field, he specializes in issues pertaining to on-premise and off-premise sign codes and regulations nationwide, with a particular focus on Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) and digital signage. David brings a wealth of knowledge in the analysis of court decisions, ordinance drafting, and serves as a regular contributor to Sign Builder Illustrated magazine. His extensive expertise positions him as a key resource for industry professionals seeking insights into the evolving landscape of sign regulations and compliance.