Mimaki Nikkalike offers a three-year performance guarantee

Mimaki Nikkalike offers a three-year performance guarantee缩略图

Mimaki USA, a renowned manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, is proud to introduce an exceptional offering: the Nikkalike three-year performance guarantee.

Nippon Carbide Industries (NCI) stands firmly behind the outdoor durability of temporary traffic signs produced using either a Mimaki JV300 with SS21 black ink or a Mimaki JV100 with AS5 black ink, when paired with Nikkalite Crystal Grade 92847 and High-Intensity Microprismatic 94802 reflective sheeting, all without the need for overlay film. With these specified combinations, NCI provides a robust three-year performance guarantee.

It’s important to note that this three-year warranty statement is exclusively applicable to customers within the United States.