LightFair Illuminates the Future with 2023 Innovation Award Winners

LightFair Illuminates the Future with 2023 Innovation Award Winners缩略图

TLS LumiPano.

LightFair has unveiled the winners of the 2023 LightFair Innovation Awards, offering a tantalizing preview of the most groundbreaking products set to grace the Javits Center in New York from May 23-25. The prestigious awards span eleven categories, featuring four overall excellence distinctions: Most Innovative Product of the Year (TLS LumiPano by TLS Architectural Lighting), Technical Innovation (LynxEM Wireless Control by Magtech), Design Excellence (Neo Pendant & Surface Mount by OCL Architectural Lighting), and Judges’ Citation (Poleclick by TEKPOLES).

Dan Darby, show director, remarked, “Every year, LightFair exhibitors submit their best and brightest new innovations for consideration in the LIAs. The 2023 winners represent new and necessary industry innovations, and we are thrilled to give the industry a sneak peek at some of the exceptional products to be showcased at the LightFair Trade Show next month in New York.”

These awards, spanning eleven categories and four overall distinctions, acknowledge the most groundbreaking products introduced since the 2022 edition of LightFair. The judging criteria incorporated elements such as clarity of purpose, versatility, adaptability, sustainability, ease of use, design efficiency, and contributions to human well-being.

Stay tuned for a glimpse of the future of lighting at the LightFair Trade Show, where these award-winning products will take center stage, showcasing the industry’s latest and most innovative offerings.

The 2023 Lightfair Innovation Award category winners and special distinction honorees are:

  • Most Innovative Product of the Year: TLS LumiPano by TLS Architectural Lighting
  • Technical Innovation: LynxEM Wireless Control by Magtech
  • Design Excellence: Neo Pendant & Surface Mount by OCL Architectural Lighting
  • Judges’ Citation: Poleclick by TEKPOLES
  • Controls Components: ATOM Series Wall Switch with Scene Controls by Magtech
  • Control Enabling Technology: Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem with AI-Based Video Analytics by WiSilicia
  • Drivers: LiteStream D by LTF Technology
  • Downlights: Ghost by BOLD Lighting
  • Indoor Decorative: Neo Pendant & Surface Mount by OCL Architectural Lighting
  • Indoor General Lighting: TLS LumiPano by TLS Architectural Lighting
  • Non- Luminous Products: LightStanza by LightStanza
  • Outdoor Lighting: BlueHopper Permanent Roofline Lighting by Meshtek
  • Sources: LUXEON HL1Z by Lumileds
  • Specialty Lighting: LynxEM Wireless Control by Magtech
  • Track: Solo by Glint Lighting

The 2023 LightFair Innovation Awards received careful scrutiny from an impartial panel of distinguished lighting professionals. The judging panel comprised Domingo Gonzales, principal at Domingo Gonzales Associates; Zachary Pearson, designer at Fisher Marantz Stone; Kenneth Schultz, principal at Focus Lighting; Scott Guenther, associate principal at MCLA Architectural Lighting Design; and Monica Llamas, lighting designer & project manager at the Office for Visual Interaction. The judging process was overseen by Mark Roush of IES and Experience Light LLC, serving as the moderator.

Trade show attendees eager to explore the award-winning innovations can indulge in a product gallery at the LightFair LIA Lounge on the exhibit floor. Additionally, the winning products will be showcased in exhibitors’ booths and in the virtual awards directory within the LightFair App.

The 2023 LightFair Trade Show and Conference, scheduled from May 21 to May 25 at the Javits Center in New York City, promises a captivating focus on future-shaping innovations. Attendees can anticipate an immersive experience driven by new product discovery, networking opportunities, and on-floor education sessions. The event will undoubtedly be a beacon for those seeking to stay at the forefront of lighting industry advancements.

Registration for LightFair 2023 opened February 15, with complimentary Trade Show access for IALD and IES members.

2023 LightFair Innovation Award Winners

Most Innovative Product of the Year – the program’s highest award, recognizing the most innovative new product—TLS LumiPano by TLS Architectural Lighting, Booth 3112

General Lighting – TLS LumiPano by TLS Architectural Lighting, Booth 3112

The TLS LumiPano stands as an innovative metal panel system, boasting custom perforated patterns available in six standard sizes ranging from 2×2 to 4×10 feet. Embracing a lightweight polycarbonate diffuser with an impressive 87 percent transmissivity, each panel is meticulously crafted to accommodate bespoke and organic shapes, resulting in a diffused homogenous luminous design. This captivating lighting effect is achieved through the implementation of TLS systems, offering a diverse palette of multiple color options and pixel control.

Ease of installation is a key feature of the TLS LumiPano, eliminating the need for a T-bar ceiling. The panels are designed for accessibility, facilitated by magnetic profile clipping technology. This not only streamlines the installation process but also enhances the versatility of the system, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of spaces and configurations. The TLS LumiPano stands as a testament to cutting-edge design, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in the realm of architectural lighting solutions.

Technical Innovation Award – recognizing the most forward-thinking advancement in lighting technology ­– LynxEM Wireless Control by Magtech, Booth 1969
Specialty Lighting – LynxEM Wireless Control by Magtech, Booth 1969

MAGTECH_technical-innovation-award LynxEM Wireless Control.

LynxEM by MAGTECH revolutionizes emergency lighting systems by offering seamless wireless communication between emergency battery drivers, emergency exit signs, and overall emergency lighting infrastructure. This all-encompassing solution facilitates real-time monitoring of crucial parameters such as battery capacity, light loads, voltage, and current status directly from a handheld device.

Designed to comply with NFPA 101 regulations, LynxEM automates monthly and yearly testing, effectively eliminating the potential for human error and associated costs. As a further enhancement, the system automatically generates comprehensive test reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. These reports are stored securely for sixty months, providing a reliable and accessible record of system performance over an extended period. LynxEM not only simplifies emergency lighting management but also enhances safety and regulatory compliance through its advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Design Excellence Award – recognizing outstanding achievement in design – Neo Pendant & Surface Mount by OCL Architectural Lighting, Booth 3214
Decorative Luminaries – Neo Pendant & Surface Mount by OCL Architectural Lighting, Booth 3214

OCL-ARCHITECTURAL-LIGHTING_the-design-excellence-award Neo Pendant & Surface Mount.

The Neo Pendant by OCL introduces an innovative lighting solution with its one-piece rotational molded diffuser, meticulously crafted to ensure complete enclosure and sealing for optimal performance in fully wet locations. Designed with versatility in mind, the pendant incorporates an inner cone within the mold, strategically pulling light down from the proprietary light engine. This design not only minimizes glare but also facilitates soft and uniform illumination, making it suitable for a variety of settings, including education and outdoor spaces.

Equipped with impact resistance, the Neo Pendant is engineered to withstand the rigors of different environments. It is available in four correlated color temperatures (CCTs) at 80 or 90 CRI, featuring options such as warm dim and RGBW. The pendant comes in three diameters—18-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch—offering flexibility to cater to diverse spatial requirements.

Expanding its functionality, the Neo Pendant is not limited to pendant configurations alone; an IP66 wet location surface-mount version is available, with a stem-mount option pending. This thoughtful design ensures adaptability to a range of installation preferences while maintaining the pendant’s resilience in challenging environments.

Judges’ Citation – Special recognition at judges’ discretion – Poleclick by TEKPOLES, Booth 910

TEKPOLES-SP.-Z-O.O._judges-citation-award Poleclick.

Traditionally, maintenance on street and area lighting, conducted at heights ranging from 6 to 12 meters, involves a two-worker team using hand tools, with the process taking a considerable twenty to twenty-five minutes. However, the introduction of the Poleclick connector revolutionizes this practice, allowing for the replacement of LED luminaires in an astonishingly efficient five minutes.

Poleclick’s tool-free design stands out for its structural strength and seamless integration, ensuring it is virtually unnoticeable with the same pole diameter. Universally compatible with various lighting and pole brands, Poleclick exhibits remarkable versatility, accommodating both horizontal and vertical applications. Beyond its speed and adaptability, the connector prioritizes safety, offering a reliable solution for streamlined and secure luminaire replacements. The Poleclick connector not only transforms maintenance processes but also sets a new standard for efficiency and safety in the street and area lighting industry.

Non-Luminous Products – LightStanza by LightStanza, Booth 2071

LIGHTSTANZA_non-luminous-products LightStanza.

The Labarazzi® TLA generator redefines the landscape of test and demonstration tools, specifically designed for generating flickering light. With an extensive range of capabilities, the Labarazzi offers 26 preset flicker signals, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between signals. The device provides detailed indications of various parameters such as waveform, frequency, flicker percentage, duty cycle, modulation depth, PstLM, and SVM.

One of the standout features of Labarazzi is its user-friendly interface that empowers users to create custom flicker signals. Users can choose from various waveforms, including square, sawtooth, triangle, sine, and cosine, and further customize by adding frequency, modulation depth, and duty cycle. The real-time visualization of the results is facilitated by the built-in 3000 K LED, enhancing the overall testing and demonstration experience.

In a parallel realm, LightStanza takes center stage as a web-based collaborative Lighting Calculation Tool. With its Revit Plugin, LightStanza not only expedites BIM and CAD workflows but also operates seamlessly through the cloud. This synergy of technology in both Labarazzi and LightStanza exemplifies the evolution of tools in the lighting industry, ushering in efficiency, precision, and collaborative capabilities.

Sources – LUXEON HL1Z by Lumileds, Booth 2642

Lumileds_sources LUXEON HL1Z.

The LUXEON HL1Z stands as a compact, undomed power LED, delivering an impressive 137 lumens per watt. Its top emission design is pivotal in preventing “cross-talk,” contributing to exceptional Color Over Angle (COA) performance and color consistency. The combination of its size and directional emission characteristics empowers the creation of tight arrays, enabling precise beam control and a reduced light-emitting area. This not only facilitates small optical solutions but also leads to significant cost reductions.

In a 25° spot configuration, the LUXEON HL1Z outshines other LEDs, surpassing them by up to 20 percent in some cases and an impressive 40 percent in intensity. This exceptional performance makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring high center beam candle power. The LUXEON HL1Z sets a new standard in efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness, exemplifying its prowess in demanding lighting applications.

Drivers – LiteStream D by LTF Technology, Booth 1768

LTF-TECHNOLOGY_drivers LiteStream D.

LTF Technology introduces the LiteStream D, a wireless 100-277 volt dual-channel LED driver designed for human-centric lighting applications. This versatile driver can be seamlessly integrated into any 2-channel COB or LED array, unlocking the potential to create wireless color-tuning or automated circadian lighting products.

The LiteStream D operates within an enabled mesh network through Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi protocols. This advanced connectivity empowers users with a range of features, including CCT tuning, dimming capabilities, zone controls, scheduling options, group control, and the convenience of voice commands via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Notably, the LiteStream D achieves all this without the need for intricate wiring or additional control modules, streamlining the implementation of sophisticated lighting solutions. With its innovative capabilities, the LiteStream D by LTF Technology represents a significant leap forward in human-centric lighting control, providing a flexible and user-friendly solution for a variety of applications.

Track – Solo by Glint Lighting, Booth 1646

GLINT-LIGHTING_track Solo by Glint Lighting.

Glint’s Solo stands as a remarkable point-source luminaire, distinguished by its unique capability to be optically aimed without necessitating the movement of the luminaire itself. This is made possible by an internal mechanism that adeptly controls the direction of light, eliminating the need for tilting components. The Solo luminaire features an inward-facing LED, incorporating advanced low-scatter optics and an adaptive baffle meticulously designed to achieve low glare while maintaining consistent color uniformity and beam quality.

Notably, the core module of the Solo luminaire is exceptionally compact, measuring only 2 inches wide and 5/8-inch deep. This design flexibility enables the creation of numerous product variants to cater to diverse lighting requirements. The Solo luminaire not only exudes a sleek and compact aesthetic but also ensures a glare-free and fully-adjustable lighting solution, exemplifying innovation in optical control and adaptability in luminaire design.

Downlights: Ghost by BOLD Lighting, Booth 2545

BOLD-LIGHTING_downlights Ghost by BOLD Lighting.

Bold Lighting introduces Ghost, a distinctive optical lighting system ingeniously designed to seamlessly vanish within a narrow 1” slot. The optics are strategically deeply recessed, creating the illusion of a slim void when in use. The inclusion of a mud flange ensures a trimless integration into gypsum ceilings, contributing to a sleek and unobtrusive appearance.

Ghost leverages indirect light reflectors and advanced double focus lens technology to deliver a glare-free optical experience. Its design allows for an infinite number of optical iterations, enabling seamless transitions from a fixed to an adjustable downlight, and even to a single or double wallwash. The result is an exceptional and serene ceiling effect that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Ghost from Bold Lighting not only embodies cutting-edge optical engineering but also elevates the aesthetics of architectural lighting with its understated yet powerful design.

Outdoor Lighting – BlueHopper Permanent Roofline Lighting by Meshtek, Booth 1763

MESHTEK_outdoor-lighting BlueHopper Permanent Roofline Lighting.

MESHTEK unveils BlueHopper, a revolutionary smart, digitally addressable, and permanent roofline lighting solution. Encased in a seamlessly integrated molded base and cover system, BlueHopper seamlessly blends into its surroundings during the day, becoming a discreet part of the architectural landscape. However, as night falls, it transforms into a dynamic lighting display with programmable lighting effects.

BlueHopper is powered by MESHTEK’s long-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh platform, ensuring secure perimeter control throughout the night. The technology offers user-intuitive apps and a multi-user, multi-network control system, catering to a wide spectrum of applications—from small residential projects to large municipal installations. BlueHopper not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of architectural features but also exemplifies the fusion of smart technology and creative illumination in the realm of permanent roofline lighting solutions.

Controls Components – ATOM Series Wall Switch with Scene Controls by Magtech, Booth 1969

MAGTECH_controls-components ATOM Series Wall Switch with Scene Controls.

MAGTECH introduces the ATOM, a cutting-edge wireless wall switch designed for seamless integration with zigbee Pro or Bluetooth 5.0. This versatile switch is available in 2- to 8-button models, each equipped with multiple scene controls and a built-in relay for efficient on and off control. The ATOM is designed to accommodate multi-gang installations, catering to diverse lighting control needs with a 110-277V input range.

Notably, the ATOM supports low-power loads and incorporates a power failure memory feature. This innovative functionality ensures that in the event of a power outage, the switch retains the set level, seamlessly returning to the pre-defined configuration at the moment of failure. The MAGTECH ATOM redefines convenience and reliability in wireless wall switches, offering a sophisticated solution for comprehensive lighting control in various settings.

Control Enabling Technology – Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem with AI-Based Video Analytics by WiSilicia, Booth 2464

WISILICA_control-enabling-technology-1 Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem with AI-Bassed Video Analytics by WiSilicia.

The Lumos Controls Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem from WiSilica introduces a groundbreaking application of AI-based video analytics for smart lighting and building controls. This innovative ecosystem opens up endless opportunities across various industries, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.

Among its remarkable capabilities, Lumos Controls enables functionalities such as fall detection, providing an added layer of safety. The system also facilitates lighting control through gestures, offering a hands-free and intuitive approach to managing illumination. Additionally, it enhances environmental security by leveraging lighting capabilities, ensuring a responsive and adaptive system.

Lumos Controls excels in accurate daylight sensing response, optimizing lighting conditions based on natural light availability. Furthermore, it introduces occupancy-based lighting automation, intelligently adjusting lighting levels based on real-time occupancy data. WiSilica’s Lumos Controls not only demonstrates the power of AI in lighting ecosystems but also pioneers new standards in smart lighting solutions with its diverse and impactful applications.