Kongsberg PCS Celebrates Second Anniversary with Remarkable Growth and Global Expansion

Kongsberg PCS Celebrates Second Anniversary with Remarkable Growth and Global Expansion缩略图

Stuart Fox, president and CEO of digital cutting specialist Kongsberg PCS.

The second anniversary of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (“Kongsberg PCS”), the world’s premier provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines, is marked by significant growth and expansion. Stuart Fox, the President and CEO of Kongsberg PCS, expressed optimism about the company’s achievements and credited their dedicated team for surpassing expectations.

Fox highlighted the ambitious goal of exceeding the remarkable success of the first year, attributing their accomplishments to global market establishment and the reinforcement of Kongsberg PCS as the home of two powerhouse brands, Kongsberg and MultiCam. He noted a period of corporate restructuring, welcoming new faces and promoting from within to solidify their position and build upon the successes of the initial year.

A pivotal achievement for Kongsberg PCS in the past year was the substantial expansion of its global distribution network. Partnerships with key players like GSW and Global Imaging Inc. were emphasized, broadening the availability of digital finishing solutions and service technology worldwide. Fox pointed out that these agreements complemented the distribution partnerships established in the first year.

The successful expansion of the MultiCam brand into Europe, following its acquisition in late 2021, has positioned it firmly within the Kongsberg PCS offering. Fox highlighted the vast market opportunities opened up by this move, spanning various sectors from sign making to aerospace, showcasing the company’s versatility.

In line with its commitment to customer accessibility, Kongsberg PCS invested significantly in new demo centers at headquarters in both Europe and the U.S. These centers aim to showcase the entire product portfolio and capabilities, reducing the need for customers to incur the expense and environmental impact of extensive travel. Collaborations with distribution partners to install cutting tables and tooling combinations in demo centers worldwide were also mentioned, emphasizing the company’s commitment to global accessibility.

Looking ahead, Fox expressed confidence in Kongsberg PCS’s continued growth and success. The company plans to attend key global shows, and Fox hinted at exciting new developments from the R&D team, set to be announced in the coming months. Throughout the statement, Fox reiterated the critical role of the entire team, from R&D and production to sales and customer support, in delivering a customer experience that matches the excellence of their products.