Introducing Summa’s New S Class 3 Series Cutters

Introducing Summa’s New S Class 3 Series Cutters缩略图

The S Class 3 is powered by its unique True Tangential Cutting Technology, ensuring exceptional performance. Its all-new OPOS Camera with onboard image processing enables ultra-fast mark recognition and processing, resulting in smoother and more efficient print and cut workflows. The performance head, the most advanced in the vinyl cutter series, can automatically switch between cutting and creasing, making it perfect for short-run packaging jobs and setting a new industry standard.

High Precision and Unmatched Performance

The S Class 2 has been a reliable performer in the market for ten years. “For the S Class 3, we kept the best and proven features while making significant upgrades. Although they may appear similar at first glance, the latest electronics have enabled faster responsiveness, improved data processing, and more precise motor control, leading to smoother, faster, and more reliable results,” says Randi Kerkaert, the product manager.

Reliable and Versatile Cutting

Vinyl cutting may not be the hottest topic in the Sign & Display industry nowadays. However, the long lifespan of every Summa vinyl cutter eliminates the need for additional investments in vinyl cutting equipment. Nonetheless, having a premium cutting plotter available remains essential for many businesses. Christof Van Driessche, CCO at Summa, explains, “Even in an industrial environment, a reliable cutting plotter is highly valued. With the introduction of the S Class 3, we aim to provide sign shops with new opportunities to expand their current vinyl cutting businesses and explore new areas, such as cardboard cutting and creasing.”

The S Class 3 is currently available for viewing in partners’ showrooms. Discover all the details about this remarkable product, including the barcode workflow with an enhanced roll-up system, its Performance Head, and the all-new OPOS Camera.