ISA’s Innovative Member Community: Connecting Sign Industry Professionals

ISA’s Innovative Member Community: Connecting Sign Industry Professionals缩略图

The International Sign Association (ISA) is providing its members with a valuable platform to tap into the power of collective wisdom, fostering the exchange of new ideas, problem-solving, and network-building. Through its new online community and company directory, ISA members can leverage these powerful tools.

In the initial phase, the ISA Community offers three main discussion boards: “All Things Signs & Graphics,” “Sign Codes,” and “Women Leading the Industry.” These discussion boards serve as hubs where members can connect, address pressing challenges, and engage in conversations about industry trends and hot topics.

In addition to the discussion forums, the ISA Community provides access to a comprehensive company directory. Members can search for suppliers, distributors, and sign companies based on the products and services they offer, as well as their location.

Lori Anderson, the President and CEO of ISA, emphasizes the importance of networking for ISA members, highlighting the collective intelligence within the industry. Participating in the ISA Community allows sign companies to find solutions and products that meet their specific needs. The technology platform also offers a space for enjoyable interactions among members.

Member privacy is a top priority in the ISA Community. Companies and individual participants must choose to opt in to be included in the directory. Individual members have the option to complete their profiles with a photo, bio, and work history. Personal phone numbers and email addresses are not publicly visible, but participants can communicate through direct messages within the ISA Community portal or mobile app.

The ISA Community is open to ISA and Affiliated Association members. To gain access to this platform, members need to opt in using their ISA member credentials at []. For any membership-related inquiries or assistance with accessing your member credentials, please reach out to [].

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