How to design a coffee shop sign

How to design a coffee shop sign缩略图

How to design and make a cafe sign.

When designing a cafe sign, the following points should be noted: the font, size, convexity, color and position of the store name should be considered in order to facilitate the normal use of the door. The text should be as concise as possible, and the content should be profound, smooth, easy to remember and recognize, so that customers can understand it at a glance. The content of the text must be in line with the taste of the cafe. Focus on the popularization of the art of calligraphy and the popularization of the art of calligraphy. The deformation of Chinese and foreign art calligraphy should not be too fancy, messy or pretentious, and the written calligraphy should not be too scribbled. Otherwise, it will be difficult to recognize and bring trouble to production.

How to design a coffee shop sign

The materials used for cafe decorative signage text vary from store to store. Larger and more demanding stores can use copper and raised skeleton characters to make them shine and give people a feeling of opulence. The effect is still quite good. Porcelain characters never rust and are highly reflective, which is particularly effective as a signboard. Plastic characters have a gorgeous shine and are easy to make. But with the passage of time, the luster will fade, the plastic will be aging, cold, heat, sun will be deformed, so it can not be used for a long time. Wooden word production is also easy, but long-term sun and rain are prone to cracking, the need for frequent maintenance and painting.

Cafe signage design in addition to focusing on the form, material, composition, shape, color and other aspects of the consumer to give a good psychological experience, should also pay great attention to the naming, and strive to be concise, clear, fresh, easy to use. Easy to read, easy to remember, aesthetic, make it very attractive, promote consumer thinking activities, to achieve the desired psychological requirements.


Led signs, also known as signboards and store name plates, generally refer to plaques and related facilities set up at the entrance of enterprises, institutions and individual businesses. In fact, the door is just a form of decoration outside the store door. However, from an overall and long-term perspective, a beautifully crafted door sign can be a very convenient and effective way to speed up sales and decorate the store, attract customers, as well as convey the store’s concept. The point is that it is an important way to enhance the image of your store. Therefore, professionally designed and professionally installed door signs are an important part of modern decoration promotion. How can you design a sign that is both suitable for your store and eye-catching to consumers? Face we will talk about it in detail.

1. The location of the store signboard.
As each sign is designed and installed in a different environment, it may be on the roof, on a wall, on a marble wall, or most likely on a glass surface. Regardless of where it is designed, the most important and first priority is to determine where the design is to be installed, and then to consider how it is to be installed so that the layout sequence can be planned accordingly. In addition, merchants and storefront signs need to confirm the size of the environmental mounting location and whether there are any obstacles around. Only with careful thought can you produce an appropriately sized illuminated letter sign. Only then can you take the first step successfully.

2. Choose the right material for your store sign.
With the development of society and the fast-paced life of individuals, it is actually necessary to know how to calculate the cost when doing anything, even business. In short, it is to produce a store product that suits your characteristics and ideas according to the environment and effects. For example, for outdoor use, 304 stainless steel is the most suitable. If put indoors, ordinary 201 is enough. The focus is still on the appearance, which is basically the same. There is no difference, just the price is different.

3. The style of the door sign.
Different environments operate different products, and even different business scope, the store required door sign style also varies, and the difference is not even close. For example, door signs for electronics tend to have eye-catching colors, larger fonts, and simplicity to create style. Then there is the common clothing industry. Women’s clothing stores can opt for stylish signs with signs in bright and eye-catching colors. Men’s clothing stores such as suit stores should choose a more dignified style for their signs. Children’s clothing stores need to be fun and lively to attract parents and children.

I believe that when you are walking on the road or shopping with your friends and family, the thing that catches your eye the most is the signboard of the store at the entrance. It can be said that the effect of advertising signboards of merchants and stores is really various, and you can present whatever effect you want. And different series can show different effects. Therefore, if you need a private customized store sign, it is also a good choice. Customize a sign for your store, design and install the most suitable color luminous letters. Then the first step of the store is done. Customers can only enter the store to generate interest and desire to buy, and the corresponding profits will be out of control, and it will definitely become a mecca for netizens to sign in.