Empowering Education: PRINTING United Alliance Expands Free iLEARNING+ Access for Industry Professionals and Students Worldwide

Empowering Education: PRINTING United Alliance Expands Free iLEARNING+ Access for Industry Professionals and Students Worldwide缩略图

PRINTING United Alliance, the preeminent member-based association in the U.S. for printing and graphic arts, is pleased to announce an extension of complimentary access to iLEARNING+ for faculty and staff at Alliance member institutions. iLEARNING+ stands as a robust repository of comprehensive educational resources for the printing industry, presented through an easily navigable e-learning platform.

Expanded Access for Student and Faculty Members

iLEARNING+ is now accessible at no cost for student members and is actively utilized in over twenty countries globally. Offering courses covering the latest industry resources, the platform delves into crucial topics such as color management, creating PDFs for print production, design, estimating, prepress, press, and postpress. Quarterly releases of future courses are in the pipeline, with the next batch scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

The flagship iLEARNING+ course, “Orientation to the Graphic Arts,” is crafted specifically for those new to printing and graphic arts. However, it also proves valuable for individuals seeking to update their overall knowledge of the printing industry. This course equips students and newcomers with exceptional foundational insights into the industry.

Joe Marin, Senior Vice President of Member Services at PRINTING United Alliance, emphasizes, “The ability for faculty and staff at Alliance member educational institutions to have access to free courses ensures that they, too, are equipped with the very latest industry solutions to pass on to their students for maximum success. With the increasingly accelerated pace of secondary learning, professors can either supplement or assign iLEARNING+ courses within their syllabus, providing students with an avenue for additional benchmark learning and understanding of the industry’s critical topics for success.”

Insights from Industry Educators

Alliance educator members are at the forefront of shaping the future of printing. In collaboration with their guidance, the Alliance continually develops programs and services that best support their needs.

Here’s what some faculty and staff members are saying about the Alliance now offering iLEARNING+ for their peers:

Dr. Harvey R. Levenson, Cal Poly Professor Emeritus: “PRINTING United Alliance’s iLEARNING+ platform is evolving into the graphic communication industry’s most comprehensive resource for education and training. The Alliance is preserving the industry’s rich history while providing resources for understanding the relevance and role of the printing industry today and in the future. With new products and services being added regularly, iLEARNING+ is rapidly becoming the one-stop shopping resource for industry training and education.”

Martin Habekost, Dr. rer. nat., Associate Professor at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University: “The ability for faculty and staff to have free access to the Alliance’s expansive iLEARNING+ educational platform is a wonderful member benefit and is very much appreciated. This open access to iLEARNING+ means that professors can better keep their finger on the pulse of the latest software and industry-leading courses, including tips, tricks, and tutorials. It serves as an excellent supplement for students to have additional access to valuable information that will help them keep up with their coursework and learning.”

Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology: “Access to content that supports our curricular goals is always valuable and welcome. Engaged students look to explore topics at a deeper level, and sometimes hearing the material from a different perspective adds clarity to the critical concepts needed to prepare the next generation of leaders in the industry. We welcome accessing the material in the iLEARNING+ platform from PRINTING United Alliance for our students.”