Elevating The J Resort’s Aesthetics with Striking New Exterior Signage

Elevating The J Resort’s Aesthetics with Striking New Exterior Signage缩略图

Photo: YESCO.

YESCO, the 103-year-old company renowned for its expertise in creating, repairing, and maintaining globally recognized signs, has recently accomplished an impressive project involving the design, fabrication, and installation of new exterior signage for the J Resort located in Reno, Nevada. The project entailed the installation of a large LED video band, an LED display video wall, border cabinets, lighting bands, and the property’s iconic illuminated letter “J” icons.

The J Resort’s new video band, spanning over ninety-three feet in length and standing at over fourteen feet tall, has become Northern Nevada’s inaugural LED display that wraps around multiple sides of a building. This three-sided Daktronics band also features a high-definition 8-millimeter display. Moreover, the project encompassed a colossal 65-foot-tall by 65-foot-wide Daktronics video wall, boasting a 10-millimeter display.

The fabrication and installation of the video band and all other LED displays required more than 6,700 hours to complete. Combined, the two Daktronics LED video displays consist of over 7 million pixels.

YESCO was also entrusted with the removal of all existing cabinets and the creation of new border cabinets, as well as the crafting of three 18-foot-tall illuminated letter “J” icons with white flex faces for the property. Furthermore, the project included the installation of a 2,200-foot-long rooftop light band, entirely manufactured in Reno.

YESCO_JResort_Install_2 Photo: YESCO.

Adam Keefer, custom account executive at YESCO, expressed, “With Northern Nevada’s inaugural LED display wrapping around multiple sides of a building, we are confident that the J Resort will set a new standard among the competition in Reno.”