Elevate Engagement with Tailor-Made Digital Displays for Immersive Insights.

Elevate Engagement with Tailor-Made Digital Displays for Immersive Insights.缩略图

Photo courtesy of Insight Enterprises.

Insight Enterprises embarked on a mission to construct a cutting-edge 200,000-square-foot headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, with a focus on creating immersive technological experiences in workspaces and common areas. In collaboration with Gensler, the architects behind the design, Insight Way, as the headquarters is officially named, stands as a testament to the company’s installation and design expertise. The incorporation of innovative LG digital displays in key areas further underscores the company’s commitment to showcasing its capabilities to both employees and visitors.

Upon entering the building, individuals are enveloped in a technological marvel, with features ranging from rotating displays and touch screen tables in the lobby to digital smart boards in various meeting spaces. The design not only facilitates efficient meetings and communication but also serves as a tangible demonstration of Insight’s prowess in systems design. A particularly noteworthy feature is the three Boulevards, distinct hallway installations that boast multiple LG 88-inch UltraStretch displays, designed to captivate and inform.

The primary Boulevard, strategically positioned just beyond the lobby, stands out as one of the most traversed areas in the entire headquarters. Recognizing its high-traffic nature, Insight strategically leveraged this space for digital displays that showcase employee narratives, company achievements, core values, and warm messages extended to esteemed guests. The result is a seamless integration of technology and design, creating an environment where functionality meets innovation, making Insight Way a remarkable testament to Insight Enterprises’ commitment to excellence.

Insight_0487 Photo courtesy of Insight Enterprises.

In all three Boulevard hallways, Insight Enterprises has implemented vertically mounted LG UltraStretch displays, specifically the model 88BH7G-B. These displays are meticulously angled slightly off the wall within a custom cabinet solution known as the Prism, a proprietary design by Insight. The Prisms are not only functional but also contribute to a polished and professional aesthetic, aligning with the overall branding strategy. Notably, the Prisms are thoughtfully crafted to emulate the letter “I” in Insight’s logo, reinforcing the sense of a cohesive and branded environment throughout the hallways.

Each Prism unit is equipped with a motion sensor, enhancing user interaction. This sensor detects a viewer’s proximity, triggering automatic adjustments to the screen’s brightness and contrast. This innovative feature ensures that the displays remain unobtrusive to passersby while delivering an optimal viewing experience for those who approach to engage with the content.

Furthermore, to enhance content reproduction, a picture-by-picture feature has been integrated, allowing the screen to be divided into four sub-screens, each with its own individual video input. This capability empowers Insight to simultaneously showcase multiple messages, providing a dynamic and informative experience for viewers.

Beyond the immersive experience, the auto-brightness function serves as a practical benefit. Not only does it contribute to a more energy-efficient environment by adjusting brightness based on ambient conditions, but it also plays a role in reducing overall energy costs and extending the working life of the displays. This dual functionality underscores Insight Enterprises’ commitment to both technological innovation and sustainability, making the Boulevard hallways not just visually striking but also operationally efficient.

Insight_0744 Photo courtesy of Insight Enterprises.

LG’s Stretch displays emerged as the singularly fitting solution for Insight Way’s experiential space, providing a distinctive ultra-wide or ultra-tall HD display that adapts seamlessly to various orientations. This flexibility allows columns, doorway overhangs, and other unconventional locations to be transformed into visually appealing and financially rewarding digital signage endpoints.

The 32:9 aspect ratio and impressive 700 nits of brightness inherent in these digital displays play a pivotal role in creating attention-grabbing moments within each of the three Boulevard hallways. Given the constant visibility of these installations, the reliability and longevity of the chosen digital displays were paramount. According to Matt Skaff, Insight’s Director of Information Technology, the selected LG Stretch displays are not only durable but also seamlessly integrated into the content systems, enabling swift and efficient content delivery.

Skaff highlighted the implementation of a new drag-and-drop content system, representing a significant advancement over previous office signage solutions. The technological progress is evident throughout the building, with hundreds of displays of varying sizes seamlessly connected to a unified content system. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to a visually cohesive and dynamic environment.

The impact of these technological innovations is particularly noteworthy when it comes to welcoming internal teams or clients. The architecture and technology of Insight Way consistently receive accolades, with visitors expressing awe at the ‘wow’ factor, especially when passing by the Prism displays. Insight Way’s emphasis on “collaborative” zones further reinforces its commitment to fostering teamwork. From small-group focus rooms to the expansive Crown Room auditorium and training areas accommodating up to 300 people, the spaces are equipped with digital smartboards for hybrid meetings, “writeable” walls for spontaneous collaboration, and convenient ad hoc conference booking. Additionally, the provision of ample individual “hotel” workspace caters to visiting remote workers, creating a well-rounded and inclusive work environment.

Insight_0712 Photo courtesy of Insight Enterprises.

Tom Carroll, the Director of Commercial Displays at LG Business Solutions USA, expressed enthusiasm about Insight’s pioneering use of technology, highlighting the transformative possibilities that arise from designing inventive and unique experiences in virtually any environment.

According to Carroll, Insight’s new global headquarters not only redefines standard expectations but also introduces innovative technology interactions and a diverse range of collaborative spaces equipped with advanced remote communication technologies. He specifically praised the custom-designed Prisms, describing them as both a proof-of-concept and a potent advertising mechanism. Carroll envisions these distinctive displays as fitting seamlessly on the walls of corporate headquarters, retail spaces, transportation hubs, and other bustling pedestrian locations.

“We’re thrilled that our custom-built displays are part of this forward-thinking project and are excited to see what Insight will do next,” Carroll remarked, highlighting LG’s eagerness to continue collaborating on future ventures with Insight.

Insight Way’s commitment to sustainability is a notable aspect of its design, with a goal to achieve Gold LEED certification. The headquarters incorporates various eco-friendly technologies, including solar panels, sensor-based automatic window shutters, an HVAC ionization system, and smart temperature and lighting controls. The building maximizes natural lighting and incorporates 800 indoor trees and plants to enhance air quality and alleviate teammate fatigue. This holistic approach not only underscores Insight’s dedication to cutting-edge technology but also reflects a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and employee well-being.