Conversational AI Interface Achieves Great Success

Conversational AI Interface Achieves Great Success缩略图

22Miles, a leading provider of digital signage and visual communications systems content management systems (CMS), made a significant impact at InfoComm with an innovative giveaway. They introduced a conversational AI interface version of their tradeshow app, powered by ChatGPT. This unique approach used publicly available event information, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT to create a customized conversational interface capable of assisting attendees with event-related inquiries and guiding them to various locations within the event. This web-based app, accessible via or by scanning a QR code at their booth, received the prestigious Best in Show award from Digital Signage magazine, even as a first-time exhibitor.

The 22Miles InfoComm app featured a multi-lingual chatbox, replacing the conventional interface. Attendees could interact with the app using text or voice inputs, asking questions like “Where is the 22Miles booth?” or “Is Elon Musk speaking at InfoComm?” The AI chatbot responded with relevant information, often including a hyperlink for 3D wayfinding with turn-by-turn directions.

Larry Darling, Classroom Technology Manager for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and co-host of the AV Superfriends podcast, praised the app’s user experience, noting that it outperformed the official show app and facilitated seamless navigation of their schedules. He also envisioned the potential utility of this product for the university’s events teams.

Notably, the 22Miles conversational AI interface is not merely a one-time trade show gimmick; it is an actual feature that can be integrated into any existing app. Existing 22Miles SaaS customers utilizing the Mobile 3D Wayfinding app can enhance their experience by incorporating a GPT-powered chatbot.

Joey Zhao, solution architect and co-founder of 22Miles, highlighted the capabilities of their AI team in building a conversation engine that can comprehend user queries, irrespective of how they are phrased. This eliminates the need for users to navigate a digital interface or input specific queries to obtain the desired information, making interactions as intuitive as conversing with a human receptionist.

This development is in line with 22Miles’ history of integrating AI into their CMS platform to simplify content creation, customization, and management. By leveraging ChatGPT, they have taken a logical step forward to enhance the user interface. Furthermore, 22Miles is committed to continuous innovation, with plans to introduce new features that incorporate ChatGPT, machine learning, and more. Customers and dealers can anticipate an array of powerful capabilities on their SaaS platform in the near future.