ACPSIGNS Awesome Project

stainless steel etched plate


Etched signs are also known as corroded metal signs. The main steps include cutting, preparing masks, etching, and post-processing to produce convex or concave metal tags.

1) Blanking: According to the size requirements of the drawing (layout size), add a rough edge of no less than 5mm around. The 720 type pedal type cutting machine is used for cutting boards, and the surface is required to be flat with no burrs around.

2) Surface treatment of metal corrosion signs:

(1) Mechanical polishing: Use a 2.2-4 kW polishing machine to mechanically polish the raw material, and use a 300-350 motor speed for the cloth wheel, usually 2000-3000 rpm.

(2) Alkali treatment: Boil the metal plate with 10-15% sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution at 65-85 ℃ for 10-30 seconds, then wash it with clean water and immerse it in a 5% hydrochloric acid aqueous solution.

(3) Powder treatment method: Use a flat brush dipped in old powder (double powder) to evenly brush the plate with a cross over method, and listen carefully until the dirt surface or oxygen skin is removed. Then, seal in a 5% potassium dichromate aqueous solution.

(4) Wire drawing method: Mechanical or manual wire drawing method is used to wire draw the surface of the metal plate to achieve the effect of metal surface regeneration.

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