Resin letters with lights

ACPSIGNS Awesome Project

Resin letters with lights


Resin Letter refer to the advertising letters made by the resin bottom box.

The bottom box design requires that the size be accurate, check the customer’s documents, color, material requirements, typesetting and cutting documents, and see how to reasonably save materials. In order to achieve the flatness of the bottom box, the material must be thick; The bottom box shall be firmly welded and must be flat, and the solid edge shall be accurate to achieve the flat interface. The laser welding machine shall be used; Polishing and polishing the resin word box; After polishing, brush the white paint inside the bottom box. Do not brush it to the outside. If any, wipe it clean in time; Some resin word boxes are made of other metal materials, and the surface is subject to high-temperature spraying and powder spraying;

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