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Epoxy resin channel letters


Epoxy resin channel letters are a type of sign that is made by applying an epoxy resin coating to individual letters or shapes that have been cut from a substrate, such as metal or acrylic. The resin coating gives the letters a smooth, glossy finish that is highly durable and resistant to weathering, making them ideal for use in outdoor signage.

To create epoxy resin channel letters, the letters are first cut from the substrate using a laser cutter or CNC router. The edges of the letters are then sanded and smoothed to ensure a clean, even surface. Next, the letters are coated with a layer of epoxy resin using a brush or roller. The resin is allowed to cure for several hours, during which time it hardens and forms a durable, protective layer over the letters.

Once the epoxy resin has cured, the letters can be painted or decorated as desired, using a variety of techniques such as vinyl lettering or digital printing. The finished letters can then be mounted to a wall or other surface using brackets or studs, creating a highly visible and professional-looking sign that can be customized to suit any brand or message.

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